Wednesday, January 10, 2007

UND vs. UAA: Worst Preview Ever

So having started out three times to write something about this series and then deleting all of them I figured I'd just write and whatever comes out is what you're stuck reading. I started a typical UND has "this and that" as I've been doing most of the year at midweek. But it was boring stuff. Here's UND's stats. I was going to write about UAA's lines and how Charlie Kronschnabel's injury has affected them (he'll likely return against UofM). Not that it's necessarily boring but it didn't come out sounding like I wanted it to sound, so I deleted it. I thought about writing about Lawson and Olthuis but if I write about a goaltender and he gets pulled or blown out then how stupid will I feel? I could write about the freshman but we all know they've been playing great and developing just as they should. I could write about the upperclassmen stepping up from last year but how often can you read me saying that same stuff.

The team stayed over in the lower 48 after the St. Bob series and is apparently staying in Grand Forks. It's the one series a year that UAA does this. It's supposed to be good for team building and all that. You already know that UAA swept the Sioux earlier in the year. That was sweet eh? I had almost 4 paragraphs written about the inconsistent play of the team. I deleted it. Like anybody couldn't tell by looking at the results that UAA's played inconsistently? Can I write this without mentioning UND's ongoing pissing contest with the NCAA over their logo? I think everyone knows I don't give a crap what UND calls themselves but also think they should change their name or at least get a logo that reflects the culture of the people they're supposedly "honoring". The last place I remember this issue being is that the North Dakota judge sounds like he wants UND and the NCAA to work it out and he's given them TONS of time to do so as the next court date is sometime in the summer?

I could comment on other things around the WCHA that I haven't mentioned. Tyler Hirsch got booted by Lucia from the Gophers. I guess Donnie was all about giving last years team a bye to do whatever they wanted (they wanted to be drunken primadonnas) and this year he's flip flopped to rigid disciplinarian. Hirsch dogged it during his last game (stayed in the penalty box for several seconds after the door opened and skated like a peewee) and Donnie had enough. Sophomore defenseman T.J. Fast left DU. Not a big loss as he'd been competing for ice time but it does leave DU with only 7 defensemen. Some kid left tUMD over the break. He wasn't a big loss either. On the bright side nobody left UAA. Troy Jutting and an assistant coach threatened referee Jon Campion in the bowels of Mariucci after Campion gave UofM 7 power plays but only 2 to MSU-M. The WCHA is investigating so they won't have anytime to knock Todd Anderson's dick into the dirt where it belongs. I'll bet Jutting sits a game and doesn't get a contract renewal at the end of the season. Look for MSU-M fans to dream about former UND and NHL Cowlumbus coach Dean Blais to guide the Landcows (won't happen). The other WCHA coach that I'd mentioned here that might get job pressure is Sandelin at UMD. I'd say "the talk" is fair since expectations were pretty high coming into the season, but I'll bet he gets at least another year.

We've all noticed that UND and Bucky are one point in the standings ahead of UAA right? Ok then. Please note that Wisconsin has played 2 fewer games. We all know UAA needs 4 points this weekend right? Ok then. 4 points would be a faith redeeming result for this fan. Anything less will suck to varying degrees.

Lastly, since I wrote the recruit update a coupla weeks ago some things need updating. The AJHL named their All-Star teams and Kane Lafranchise is on it. Tommy Grant was named "Star Player" by the BCHL for Dec 29th to Jan 1st. Brad McCabe has returned to the Avalanche and is expected to play soon. Brad was the only NAHL player listed (#208) on the NHL's Central Scouting Services Mid-Term Rankings. Jeff Carlson is still the 2nd leading defenseman scorer in the NAHL (30th overall). It's VERY rare that I hear about a visit from a prospect but it's worth noting that Kane Lafranchise's teammate; 17 year old Adam Henderson (from Jared Tuton's hometown of Whitehorse) visited UAA during the Governor's Cup series. Adam was just named to the AJHL North Divison Prospects squad and is the 4th leading scorer among rookies league-wide and is tied for the lead on the team. He's big strong and talented. He will almost certainly play another year of juniors before making the jump to D-1. But since he's visiting schools (I know Michigan State was on his itinerary) look for his signature on an LOI during the upcoming spring signing period.
Dear Adam,
Come to UAA since it will be easier for your parents to come watch you play in Anchorage. And BTW ... nobody "enjoys" playing for Rick Comely. It just doesn't happen. Forget about MSU. Ok then.
So who do we cheer for this weekend?
Minnesota at Wisconsin -- Minnesota
Landcows at St. Bob -- Landcows (that MSU-M for the uninitiated)
CC at Duluth -- UMD

UAF at MSU -- UAF (our Crowder is better than Michigan State's)
Norte Dame at LSSU -- Norte Dame
BG at UNO -- UNO

Hockey East:
BU at Maine -- Maine

Bemidji at MTU -- MTU
Niagra at DU -- Niagra
(these choices because MTU's RPI is more relevant (we play them 4 times) than Bemidji but cheer for Niagra vs. DU because it doesn't hurt UAA as we only played DU twice and a closer race between Bemidji and Niagra for their conference championship could help ensure the CHA doesn't get two bids ... one of which would likely displace a WCHA team)


Suze said...

The SCSU/UAA game is up on the GCI website under archives. If you want to check out the non goals, look at play happening at 1:32:34 and 1:38:18. Both should have counted. They showed the second one from ABOVE and it was CLEARLY a goal and the whistle didn't blow early on that one.

Anonymous said...

worse blog ever written;)


Donald said...


Oh well. Time to kill myself.

Suze said...

Donald, is McCabe back and playing with the Av's yet? We want to check him out.

Donald said...

I read a Jan 4th article that said he was back but Morris commented in it that he wasn't sure if McCabe would be playing in the next game.

Anonymous said...

The new layout is easier on the eyes, great job.

Donald said...

I like that the text justifies with whatever browser window size. I hoped the background color change would do exactly what you said.

Anchorage Sioux fan said...

The perennial cellar dweller UAA team will not win 2 against UND. I predict a UND sweep as the boys have stepped up their game. I agree, this is one of the worst blogs ever.

GO S I O U X!!!!!!!!!!!!

Donald said...

The quality of this particular preview has a direct correlation to the level of excitement that playing your sorry squad inspires.

LetsGoMavs said...

News flash..times have changed and men are now the people to objectify...not women:)

Runninwiththedogs said...

I hate this blog. It's the worst I've ever read.

(Also, Donald, I already made the "killing myself" joke when someone said it was my fault the Dogs were sucking.)

Jeff said...

The guy who does the wcha weekly column is predictiong the sioux to sweep uaa even though uaa swept them earlier in the season. I think a team is doing something right when they win 6-2 and 4-2 at home, so for him to say the sioux are going to sweep uaa, just doesnt seem logical to me.

Donald said...

Thousands of years of men objectifying women does not give women the freedom to do so now that they're equal. The men you're objectifying were taught by their fathers to treat women as equals and they dont deserve (especially goofy looking twerps like Kalinski) that sort of treatment. Men have feelings (except for Damien Goddard).

Ummm ... I'd happily give you credit for the "Time to kill myself" phrase who's copyright I've apparently (but unwittingly) infringed if I hadn't actually used it ummmm ... BEFORE YOU WERE BORN. :p

But they are the all-mighty Sioux. They've won like 49 world championships which of course has lots of bearing on which team will win this weekend. It doesn't help that UAA has lost like 9,000,002 world championships which of course has lots of bearing on which team will win this weekend. It would be ridiculous for any of the so called "experts" to actually look at records, players, coaches and trends to make predictions.

Sioux Fan in Anchorage said...

The Sioux shouldn't change their bout the Seawolves? What the heck is a Sea Wolf? I find the fact that nobody knows what it is hostile and abusive. I think it is funny that because UAA swept UND and isn't in the bottom 2 of the league like usual, the fans and "writer" of this blog is all cocky. How many draft picks does UAA have on their roster? Have you ever had a player drafted? Nuff said...UND will take 4 points this weekend.

GO SIOUX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

OK Sioux fan in Anchorage, first if you like N.D. so much move there so we don't have to deal with your sorry self in our great state. And most importantly, if draft picks won games then the University of Minnesota would be better than the Sioux since they have 14 draft picks to your 11. Not to mention that only four of the gopher draft picks drop past the 4th round. Hands down your logic sucks!!!! Now, go back to a school that teaches logic and how to make valid arguments and come back when you are not a moron.

Anonymous said...

oh yeah and donald, there is one other NAHL kid listed just above Brad at #204, his name is Doug Leaverton and he plays defense for Mahoning Valley or however you spell it.

Alaskana said...

Sioux Fan in Anchorage, the Seawolf name may be derivative of any of these:

-Seawolf (fish), also known as the wolffish or the sea cat

-Orca (killer whale), sometimes called sea wolves

-The Sea-Wolf, novel by Jack London

-USS Seawolf, four US Navy submarines of that name
Seawolf class submarine, class of the fourth USS Seawolf
Sea Wolf missile, British naval missile system

Hope this helps anser your question, "What is a Sea Wolf?".

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