Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Who To Cheer For This Week?

With the second half of the season firmly upon us and the Seawolves ready to attempt to climb in the standings it's useful to decide who else we all need to cheer for the rest of the way. I'm going to assume the Seawolves takes care of business the rest of the way; if they do then there are still some other things outside their control. In lots of cases there will be specific games who's outcome might be favorable for UAA's future RPI. So this week I'll look at the schedule, let ya know who to psychically will to victory.

First and foremost I'll make it absolutely perfectly clear that I'll be cheering for UAF in every remaining CCHA contest they have this year. UAA is 3-0-1 against them so if UAF can manage to climb the standings in the CCHA it helps UAA's comparisons. So... if cheering for our rival is necessary the rest of the way. Um ... Go UAF!

In the conference there is one team that we should all cheer for the rest of the way as well. UMD is back in the standings far enough that them taking points from anyone benefits UAA. Otherwise it comes down to looking at who is playing who this week.

Duluth vs. Tech -- Um ... WhadidEYE just say? Cheer for UMD.
Next is Bucky and DU -- No question. Go Pios!
Gophers vs. Mavericks -- No question. Go Gophs!
North Dakota vs. CC -- Hope for a split.

Other semiSignificant Games:
UNO vs. Lake Superior -- UNO
UAF vs. Ohio State -- UAF
Michigan St. vs. Miami -- Miami


Anonymous said...

i cant do it. I cant cheer for uaf even if it helps uaa I hate thouse bastareds

dggoddard said...

Also helpful if the teams you've done well against climb into the Top 25/30 for TUC PWR comparisions.

Goon said...

Hope for a split, I am just hoping UND doesn't get swept being depleted against C.C.

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