Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Back in Biz

I sucked it up big time. I went out and bought the very first new computer for myself since I bought my very first computer. After getting zero useful anything out of that original Windoze 3.1 machine I purchased, I either acquired a Macintosh to use or bought a used Mac.

I've never been one that needed crazy processor speeds and/or massive amounts of RAM to play graphics intensive games so a 2 year old Mac always suited me nicely. I was still using the original Mac PowerPC (acquired through work) until around 5 years ago. And since then I've gone through one of the original iMacs and then the 800Mhz machine that just died.

My new machine? The 2.4Ghz, 1Gig RAM, 230Gig Drive latest 20" iMac. Sweet ride. I might have to buy a copy of Halo and spend some time in Halo-Multiplayer mode using this machine. I could own. Of course, I hope I'll find some way to utilize it for the blogs benefit. On my old machine there was no way I could capture video. I imagine that effort will benefit from the extra cycles.

Having my computer die in the middle of UAA's last playoff series has thrown me out of kilter a bit. It couldn't have been more weird timing.

For whatever it's worth I'll have a long "report card" post up tomorrow evening and on Friday sometime I'll post the annual "UAA Fan Blog Awards". After that I'll work on something comprehensive regarding the recruits; then I'll wrap things up with some thoughts about league expansion. So that's pretty much all (unless something brilliant occurs to me) for the next 10 days or so and of course I'll give my perspective regarding any news that occurs.

For the extended off-season, I will only be posting if there is something newsworthy.

And thanks as well for the expressions of concern regarding my well-being. Whether or not you speculated that I was dead or in jail matters not. The fact that such questions arose in anyone's mind is both humbling and gratifying. For the future, I'll try to ensure that if any such unexpected interruption arises that I'll utilize one of many alternative ways to communicate it.

I liked the Chat Room widget and will certainly consider utilizing it in some way next season.


seawolvesfan said...

Lafranchise had him moments and not so good moments just like every player

Suze said...

I thought Kane showed a lot of improvement over his freshman year. Even seasoned defensemen like Robinson had a few mistakes this past season.

Anonymous said...

I hear Paul Crowder has signed with the Rangers

seawolvesfan said...

DD you should update your little ticker it's making me sick

Anonymous said...

link on the crowder story.

if that doesn't work, go to the rangers website and click on news.

Great for Paul.

Anonymous said...

All the best to Paul from his many fans, let's hope they don't go after grant, clark and lunden.
All the best again Paul, well deserved, beagle, lawson, and paul.

Anchorage fan club

Anonymous said...

I hear Mat Robinson flew out of town today and may surface in the ECHL. Anyone know where??

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Paul. Good on the program.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to both Paul and Robbie.
All the best to you both.

Anonymous said...

As we can see this was a talented group of players. Wish the curfew issue never surfaced. We could be in Minnesota playing in the first round. All the best to Paul Crowder and Captain Robinson with there hockey carears.


Anonymous said...

Minnesota-Duluth 2 Minnesota Gophers 1. What to say. We were so close, we could have beat either of these teams. We will never know, time to focus on next year's team. All the best seawolves and thanks again for a great year.


puckdangler said...

Best of luck to Paul Crowder. I enjoyed watching him play for the Seawolves. He is a great offensive talent who will someday play in the NHL. It was tough watching UMD beat Minnesota. If only UAA could have made it there.. So close.

Anonymous said...

Robinson is going to Las Vegas to play.

marisol said...

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