Friday, March 27, 2009

UAA 09-10 Recruit Update: Gustav Bengtson

UAA Seawolves 09-10 recruit Gustav Bengtson (5'10" 175lbs) has 2 goals and 9 assists in 28 games this season split between the Topeka Roadrunners and the Kenai River Brown Bears.

In 37 games last season with the Texas Tornado he scored 9 goals and had 13 assists.

Gustav's junior career has been a bit of a mess with stints on 4 different teams in the last 2 seasons. He began with promise on last seasons Cedar Rapids squad in the USHL. But a winning team in that league depends on veterans and Gustav didn't crack the lineup on a regular basis. Cedar Rapids was one of the most talented teams in the league. Gustav asked for and was granted a trade to Texas where he performed well and played regularly.

Texas suspended operations for a year and Gustav found himself with an opportunity in Topeka to begin this season. Topeka is one of the top teams in the NAHL this season and Gustav found himself in a similar situation to his stretch in Cedar Rapids, unable to crack the lineup consistently behind returning Topeka veterans. Since being traded to Kenai, he has played regularly and virtually all his points have come in a Kenai sweater.

I've followed his junior career as much as any recruit. I'm convinced he is a top six kind of player. I'm not convinced he has shown his coaches what they've needed to see in order to skate on either of the top two lines. There are more questions than answers at this point and I think he'll have a lot to prove next season.


Anonymous said...

What are the chances the coaching staff delays his coming a year to allow him to prove himself more in the junior ranks?

Anonymous said...

the picture is five years old !

Donald Dunlop said...

You try to find anything other than a head shot for Bengtson. I spent about 20 minutes writing this update and nearly 2 hours trying to find a damn picture!

I doubt they push him back a year.

Anonymous said...

Minnesota-Duluth fought hard to the last minute last nite and won in overtime.
Und just lost the same way today, 2 goals, one with 1 second left and a quick one in overtime.
Hopefully next year the seawolves will never quit, even if their is 1 second on the clock.
Games are won or lost in the last 5 minutes of a hockey game.


Donald, great job on the recruits coming in next year.

Anonymous said...

looks like no wcha team advancing to the final four. Unless bemijdi joins the wcha next year.

Anonymous said...

This Begston kid is nothing special. I've seen him play more than once, and I'd take the fifth best Alaska high school kid fresh out of HS over him.
There's a reason he couldn't stick at Cedar Rapids and Topeka. He just isn't very good.

Anonymous said...

He better not be on any scholarship.There needs to be more Alaskans. Why bring in people to fill role players slots

Anonymous said...

What an insolent comment!

Charlene said...

I have tons of pics of Goose if you want. Not professional like that but tons to choose from. You shoulda just asked me ;)

- The Ex

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