Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It's Only Wednesday?

Writing can be hard. Ideas that seem clear and precise in one's mind don't always come out so when the words hit the page. Normally, I try to profile the opponent during the week. Even if it turns out to be only a vague profile. I look for something that I find interesting or amusing in some way and try to magnify it in an entertaining way. Today as I tried to write something along those lines I found my efforts seriously lacking.

I've decided it's because I'm so highly anticipating this series that I've sort of got "ants in my pants" about it. Therefore nothing I have to say seems insightful or even entertaining in any manner. Nobody reading here needs me to tell them that DU is a quality opponent and that winning a best of three series is a tall order.

Invoking a comparison of DU and UAA with some sort of "Joe Blow State U" versus "Rich Kid Private School" with an expanded diatribe about the social evils that the privileged inflict upon the masses wouldn't interest anybody.

A point by point player comparison is more meaty stuff but do you know how long that takes? With the number of tangents I'd likely take such a thing would take me all day. And honestly, there isn't anything in any statistics or comparisons of these two teams that aren't overridden by the fact that it is a WCHA playoff series and in one of the tightest WCHA regular seasons anything can and will happen. Tech took UND to three games last year so one has to say it's possible for any WCHA team to advance this weekend.

What about just something funny? I'm a smartass right? The "ants in the pants" thing is blocking my smartassery. Seriously, I just want Friday evening to get here.

What about an impassioned plea/speech to the team to reach down and find the level of effort (that by now must be ingrained in muscle memory) needed to win a game. If I could write something better then I wouldn't have posted the battle speeches youtube a couple of weeks ago. Besides, the players know they have to do that already. And I'd likely get too dramatic with some reference to how the fabric of the universe will be shaken to it's knees with a Seawolf victory. It's not a time for hyperbole. Why not? The "ants in the pants" thing.

So this is what we get? Unless there's "news", um ... yeah. Except to say:

Go get 'em Seawolves.
Tear 'em all a new asshole.
Fold their tent.
Pull the rug out from under them.
Rip off their heads and shit down their necks.
Hit them hard enough that their third cousins get bruises.
Take no prisoners.
Offer no mercy.
Bang it home again and again and again.
Grab your best destiny.
Make them walk away from the rink shaking their heads.
And do it all TWICE!


Anonymous said...

Put them down….Face down

Turn them into your Little Bitch

Hit them so hard they tremble the next time you skate by them

Bug on a windshield

Make them Red (humiliated) White (distressed) and Blue (beaten).

Beat them so horrific Friday night they all beg to be in the Press Box the rest of the weekend.

Will said...

Win two games, we don't care how you do it just win.

If you guys win Woody might even be able to get his negative non supportive print above the fold on the front page of the sports section instead of below the fold in the lower right hand corner.

What is up with no TV coverage for a playoff game?

Donald Dunlop said...

Fox Sports too busy with bouncyball I'd guess.

Anonymous said...

Typical NCAA hockey, we get to watch all year long until the playoffs and NCAA games. Well we do get to watch the Frozen Four on ESPN with announcers who don't ever call a college game until that day. What a downer for Hockey fans.

akhockeyfanatic said...

Donald, you are my hero!

Hope the boys read and take heed your words of advice.

There's no reason to come up with less than 2 wins this weekend. The boys are playing up to their potential, they are on a great winning streak, the team is pretty close to being healthy (we do miss you Curtis and Sean) and they are getting the puck in the back of the net.

Put it all together and it spells


dggoddard said...

You can watch both or all three games on PioneerVision for around 10 bucks on the internet. One subscription fee covers it all.

It should be a great series.

Anonymous said...

So anyone hear that Chris Newans will b playing for the phoenix roadrunners? how funny is that?

Anonymous said...

A chat room is for kids, let's go back to a forum.

Nooks Fan said...

Nice series UAA......... NOT

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