Monday, March 16, 2009

When It Rains It Pours

I was ok with the way the team played Friday night. I didn't like the result. I also didn't want to write; mostly because the chat room thingy seemed to be generating interest. On Saturday, I sat down and read a couple of recaps and comments and I decided to make a post. And suddenly my computer froze. It's an ancient G4 iMac 800mhz machine (the half-globe with the LCD swingarm). It's time had come I guess. Yahweh called it to come to electronics heaven.

Well that sucked entirely. Then Saturday night. I thought the Seawolves were the better team on the ice on Saturday. I haven't really read what anyone else has said since my access is limited by not having a computer. I am using (and will again this week) my lovely daughter's computer. Count on only a couple of more posts through the rest of the week. I'll be looking around for a good machine at a good price but I don't expect to post much this offseason so I don't know that I'll be in a big hurry to get one.

That's it for now.


Anonymous said...

Technical woes. Who needs 'em? The Seawolves are the most improved team in the WCHA. So say people much more in the know than I. Coach is on to something, and I'd bet the battered and bruised Pioneers know just what that is. (Believe me, they didn't want a third game.) So, next year I predict a top five finish and that necessary home ice. (Shyiak had trouble with Denver aways countering with their big line against his. Crowder, for example, was no where to be seen. But, hey, that's home ice.) These people who consider the season a failure because the Seawolves did not make it to the top five are missing the point. Real progress was measured this year, and although Robinson will be sorely missed (we were always a better team when he was on the ice), most are back next year. Like the Pinoeers when we're in town, keep your heads up. Next year will be even better. -30-

puck swami said...

The Seawolves were the better team on the ice for 85% of Game II. They punished DU physically and dictated much of the playing style, especially during the second period when DU was in the box for much of the action.

The only time UAA was really not in control of the game was in the dying minutes, when DU turned up the heat to avoid overtime, and got the game winner.

I was impressed with UAA's growth over the course of the season. If they had one more finisher and slightly better goalteding (someone in the .910-925 Range), they'd be an elite level WCHA team.

That's how close they are...

Anonymous said...

IF they can just carry this momentum over to next year, we will be fine. This was the first year in quiet a few that the second half was not a complete collapse.

Neil said...

Hey Donald, if you need access to a Mac computer, feel free to come by my office and use one. I read your blog often and would hate not to see you post because of lack of access to one

Anonymous said...

Would have could have should have. The good teams win those close games. Gotta go now, making plans to go to the Joe and watch the Nanooks. Yeah yeah I know, Governors cup yada yada yada.

Anonymous said...

Yada. How original. Fact is Seawolves play in an elite league. Enjoy your Tier 2 game.

Anonymous said...

I am so tired of UA_ fans trying to compare the Seawolves with the Nanooks. They just don't get it.

The first three comments are so true. I am sad this season is over and sad how it ended for UAA -they truly deserved to go on - but at the same time, I am very excited to see what next year brings. We will have an ungodly amount of talent providing the underclassmen all return.

What a season it has been! I'm still carrying my green and gold cowbell in my car.....I hate to put it up but I know the time has come. Now I have to wait 6 months and 1 week til my next fix of UAA HOCKEY.

And thank goodness nothing was wrong with you, Donald. Your solitude scared us a bit!


puckdangler said...

I thought the Seawolves really improved this year. They played an exciting and skilled brand of hockey. It was a disappointing end to the season, but better luck next year. I'll be there cheering the team on.. And thanks to Donald for his great blog!

Anonymous said...

If we are lucky enough to have all the juniors return and bryce and johnny will have another shot at solid goaltending. The sopohmores will now be mature 3year jr's. This group could easily bring the first playoff series to Alaska.
That should be there team goal for next year. I for one am very proud of there second half, clarkie had a awesome 2nd half should be considered for mvp. This team will fill the sully next year and win 20 games or more. Stay tuned.

seawolvesfan said...

This season compared to last:

twice as many wins as last year:


three times as many league wins:


1 more home win


3.5 times road wins


3 times the league wins at home/road:



1 more non-conference win:


not to mention sweeping games in the friendly confines of the Carlson Center, and sweeping really our only rivals UAF

14 more goals/though same # of goals against:


2.5 times the SH goals:


9 more PP goals:


Let 2 SH goals less:


Higher PP %:


Had infinty times the 30-point scorers:


Had 1 more double-digit point scorer:


Goalies were way better this year combined:

Christiansen: .893 2.6/ .88 3.5

Olthuis: .877 3.43/.886 2.89

Clark again lead the team in shots:


Crowder takes 13 more shots and gets double goals:

83/70: 14/7

Grant takes 24 more shots and gets triple goals:

88/62: 15/5

Parkinson takes two fewer shots for same amount of goals:

43/45: 7/7

Hunt gets infinty times as many goals as last season:

47/18: 4/0

Intresting facts us and opponents both took about 50 shots less and many more penalties this season.

Overall a much improved team statisticly and to the eye. Sad to see less fans then ever at the Sully-ironic eh? You thought Brian Bales was a beast this season? Wait till next, he's gonna be even hungerier and raring to go this season after kinda letting help that last goal in. I project Christiansen to be #1 next season and hope Olthuis numbers go up so he gets some ECHL, AHL looks. Mat Robinson is gonna play at least 50 AHL games barring a call-up or major injury, Mat was sick all-season and is a FREAKING master of the hip-check. Crowder's gonna leave to greener pastures. (get it?) Don't see Grant leaving yet, Clarky's gonna stay no doubt in my mind, Lunden I think needs another year of being in the top line to get some ECHL, AHL looks. Parkinson NEEDS to stay, Backstrom............don't know. Kane LaFracnchise had his moments and dissapointments this season espically in the playoffs, he made some great moves and some not so great one's. Can't wait for October which will probably be my last season of Seawolf Hockey I'll be in state for, also can't wait for my first full season in being a regular reader and contributor.


Anonymous said...


don't be so sure that Crowder is gonna leave. I will believe it when i see it.

Anonymous said...

What was wrong with Matt Robinson this season, you said he was sick all year? He didn't seem "himself" to me all year, so I knew something was up.

Anonymous said...

Clark lead the team in assists like crowder, who do you thing set up grant and lunden for their goals.
This is a team not shots on goal or who is leaving, the fact some players had more shots on goal just means they drive the net more.
All the forwards had plenty of opportunties, work hard on the power play units and penalty kill and this team will be a contender.
Let's hope the fans appreciate how hard this young men work developing their hockey skills.
Only 1 or two goals from the final 5 this year. They will not forget how close they were.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous dumpster diver said …

The good teams win those close games. Gotta go now, making plans to go to the Joe and watch the Nanooks. Yeah yeah I know, Governors cup yada yada yada.
March 16, 2009 3:01 PM

Working a arrangement with Krispy Kreme for a plaque to be permanently mounted at the Chucky Cheese center in that dusty spot where the Governor’s Cup “used to be” to honor your Governor's Cup record that will never be beaten only tied. And will have a few places in the box for upcoming donuts.

Homer Simpson said...

Donuts..... MMMMM.

Anonymous said...

Good teams do not always win, do not always find a way to win..blah blah blah......

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Good teams do not always win, do not always find a way to win..blah blah blah......
March 17, 2009 1:59 PM

Let me quess this is either...... a "Dump Bear or a Dak Rat

ajhockeyfanatic said...

Gonna miss this team. Each player brings something special to the ice. But if there are other opportunities for any of them to pursue between now and next season, I wish each and every one of them the very best of luck. My own wish, however, would be for everyone to come back and KICK ASS next season!!! Wow......just imagine what a team we can have! Look out ND, Minnesota, DU, CC and ANY other team (that means you, UA_) who thinks they are the better team.

Anonymous said...

ajhockey, I'm with ya. I'm going to miss this team too. 9th on paper, but first in my heart!

About this time each year we begin to ponder the comings and goings of next season, I don't know - for some reason I think we are going to better than just OK next year and I am really looking forward to it!

Donald, will you be taking periodic breaks from the blog over the summer?

What a awesome new format you had with that live chat! I didn't make it home in time for the 2nd game, but had a blast on Friday!

Went to the last regular season game of the Aces on Sunday and it was strange. Merit Waldrop, who had been playing down in Phoenix just up and quit the team. Didn't even play that day, grabbed all his stuff out of the gym at the Sully and went to his families place in Anchorage.

I hope all works out for him :o(

Thank you for all you've done all Season Donald !!!

U Rock --- Wolfgirl

Anonymous said...

Good luck to the departing seniors. You will be missed. I too am looking forward to next year already as the team did finish with noticeable improvements over last year. I am expecting big things next season from Crowder, Bales, Portwood, Grant, Backstrom , Lafranchise, Hunt and Jonny. Have a good summer and come back raring to go.

Anonymous said...

Tol all the players thanks for a great year, to all the players that get off season opportunties wish the luck.


seawolvesfan said...

"What was wrong with Matt Robinson this season, you said he was sick all year? He didn't seem "himself" to me all year, so I knew something was up."

meant the cool kind of SICK

Anonymous said...

From the blog "This is the WCHA"...
"Denver, who was rather unimpressive in a pair of comeback wins over Alaska-Anchorage".
We didn't play well... Denver was just not impressive against us.
Kind of like leading Minnesota at home when Frank Mazzocco uses my favorite line, UAA winning 1-0 but barely. TV gold right there.

Anonymous said...

what the heck is a dump bear?

seawolvesfan said...


don't be so sure that Crowder is gonna leave. I will believe it when i see it."

Hate to say it, hate to know it but #20 ain't gonna be in Green & Gold next season(come to think of it does anyone know a pro team with the colors Green & Gold?)Crowder has nothing else to prove by playing another year in the WCHA. The only reason why he would stay is if he would like another shot at the WCHA Final Five, but a "green" contract, or an entry-level contract will gets his attention.

And Fan, looking back I did forget to make notice of the assists. And agree, just pointing out the stats

Anonymous said...

None of the underclassmen have AHL type talent, at least not yet. They all need some grooming. None are pure scorers and none were consistent in their games this year. They could get themselves a better contract by coming back having a better year and improving at this level before being just another Aces level player.

Anonymous said...

There are tons of ahl players out there with less talent than crowder, lunden, clark and grant playing in the ahl. They will make there own decisions when the time comes. I am sure none of them wants to start in the echl league when the college game is better.
Beagle and lawson, and others left for there own reason, I was glad they all had a good year.

Anchorage Fan

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:31 am -

Don't forget Haddad next year. As a freshman last year he was barely noticed. But he made great strides this year and will continue to do so. Cant forget Christianson, Parkinson, Aiken, Leinweber,Vidmar, Wiles or Selby either. Gonna miss this year's team ...sniff, sniff....but I am truely excited for what is ahead. We're really gonna start packing them in the Sully just like the old days. Please come back boys! It's gonna be the Seawolves' year.

Anonymous said...

oopss....can't forget Tuton either. He's gonna be a solid force that no one will want to reckon with!

Anonymous said...

Crowder is gone.Rumor is he signed right after Colorado.

Anonymous said...

Crowder gone? what source was that from? teammate?

Anonymous said...

whoa take it easy on lafranchise and ps its Lafranchise not that dumb capital F, read his jersey. He was a young d man playing big minutes in the playoffs and school problems aside around christmas, he still played big down the stretch. I hope crowder stays but I wish him the best of luck if he decides to leave. Good job to all the boys this year. Have a good off season!

Suze said...

If Paul leaves, I wish him the best of luck. He gave it his all for three years, and it was fun watching him play. He would have been an amazing addition to the team as a senior. Sure am glad he changed his mind and came to UAA instead of UA_!

Anonymous said...

Paul Crowder has signed with the Ranger organization, he will play in Hartord, Ahl, I am sure other nhl organizations are looking at clarkie, grant and lunden.


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