Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday Potpourri: The Putz Edition

Bobby Jindahl or not there is a quality system of volcano monitoring going on over at the USGS. Those folks have been on top of the Mt. Redoubt eruption situation pretty much from day one. And combined with the weather peeps they've given everyone up here good accurate information about ash fall. In a week's worth of blow ups Anchorage has only seen a miniscule dusting that lasted about an hour.

So can anyone tell me why putzes are running around with masks on the next day? Anchorage has been through a much heavier ash fall. And it was nothing compared to the ash that St. Helens spewed. Yet, if you look in the paper or listen in on other people's conversation you'd think that armageddon had come. What a bunch of putzes Anchorage has.

I don't remember any of this sort of chicken little arm waving hysteria when Mt. Spurr let go and we ended up with about a half an inch of ash. Yesterday evening tons of businesses closed. Not just for the hour or so when the ash fall was active (around 5pm), but for the day. Putzes all.

I suppose I can stand listening to Bob Norton and/or Barry Melrose just once a year. But I don't wanna really. Bob Norton is proof positive that a person can be around a sport forever and still be a putz. Barry Melrose is just a putz all-around. Learn just one thing about teams that aren't in your area code eh Barry? It wouldn't be that hard; it's the "information age" ya know?

Duluth got dicked on a goal review call (oops ... no they didn't ... see comments) against Miami of Shitcinnati. The NCAA changed the "in the crease" rule this year clearly spelling out that just having a skate in the crease isn't an infraction you have to actually "interfere" with the goaltender in some way. But some putz ref looked at a replay over and over and said that a UMD player was "backing into" the goalie? What? No. He was standing there screening the goalie and flinched when the puck went past. Worst call of the weekend.

Ohio State's goalie has a marijuana leaf painted on the chin of his mask? I know someone will come here and explain that it's a Buckeye leaf. Ok. That's why college students at Ohio State paint it on their masks. Because it's the venerated Buckeye leaf. Sure. If you say so.

Latest SarahPutz news? When up in Nome to congratulate her hubby on his 6th place (did more than 7 teams finish?) finish in the Iron Dog, Sarah donned her snazziest Arctic Cat gear for the cameras. Arctic Cat apparently sponsors Mr. Sarah's snowmachine team. Dunno if she already had the jacket in her closet or if the AC corpories handed it to her when she got to Nome. Anyhow, someone like me, a dirty-biased-liberal-commie-Sarah-hating-blogger (DBLCSHB) filed an ethics complaint wondering if she pimping out the governorship to advertisers etc. The bitch has no sense at all. She really doesn't. Not just no sense. No brains. How stupid do you have to be to not realize that some DBLCSHBs are just waiting to find ANYTHING we can to criticize and/or embarrass you. There is no denying there is but one person responsible. You Sarah ... you putz.


Chris said...

"He was standing there screening the goalie"

Which if you read the rules, counts as goaltender interference if the player is in the crease.

Anonymous said...

Teams in final four, Bu, Vermont, Miami and Bemidji ?
No wcha teams, no ecac teams, and no atlantic Hockey teams.

Maybe we should let Bemidji join the wcha and than we will have a team in the final four next year with uaa.


Donald Dunlop said...

I've read the rules. And nowhere does it say "screening" is interference. Sadly, they've left it open to interpretation (as with so many rules). Yesterday's interpretation is one only a putz would make.

Chris said...

Here's the exact quote out of the rulebook:

"c. A player of the attacking team may stand on the goal crease line or in the
goal crease, or skate through the goal crease, unless, in the opinion of
the official, the player is physically or visually preventing the goalkeeper
from defending the goal. A player of the attacking team may stand or
stay in the crease when the puck is in the crease or when the player has
possession of the puck.
PENALTY—Faceoff at the nearest neutral zone faceoff spot."

Anonymous said...

Hey Some of the people wearing the masks have asthma like myself the ash makes it harder then it already is when your lungs shut down. so not all of them are putz or whiners

akhockeyfanatic said...

Fan, I love your positive outlook. Im with you on your thoughts about next year at this same time.

Donald Dunlop said...

oops ... that was a lazy post from me ... oh well ... I still hate Shitcinnati ... so there

seawolvesfan said...

Mat has left Las Vegas after furnishing 1-1-2 totals in four games going +3. Word is he left to finish his studies here at UAA

Suze said...

Good for Matt!

akhockeyfanatic said...

Yeah, good for Robbie! I was wondering about that when I heard he went to play for LV. He's so close to graduation. Why not finish? Hockey will be there for him after he gets his diploma.

jjack said...

I think the thing with the masks and whatnot has to do with the fact that Anchorage has practically quadrupled in population since this volcano business last happened (not counting Augustine which was pretty much nothing).

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