Tuesday, March 24, 2009

UAA 09-10 Recruit Update: Mickey Spencer

UAA Seawolves 09-10 recruit Mickey Spencer (6'1", 185lbs) finished the BCHL regular season tied (with Wisconsin recruit Mark Zengerle) as the 7th leading goal scorer in the league.

The left-handed forward from Gibbons, Alberta scored 31 goals and added 23 assists for the Cowichan Valley Capitals.

In 10 playoff games he scored 5 goals with 4 asissts. He turns 20 on June 11th this year. 10 of his 31 goals came on the power play.

The Capitals season is done after they lost a 7 game series to the Victoria Grizzlies last week.

The "Mick" as I'm calling him, seems to be at his best with the puck on his stick somewhere in front of the net.

I've done as much research on him as anyone coming to UAA. And other than game reports there just isn't much describing exactly what sort of player he is.

My best guess by looking at his performances in the BCHL though puts him in a similar category as Josh Lunden and/or Craig Parkinson.

Photo Credit to Shane Power of Lasting Images Photography.


Anonymous said...

"The Mick" as you have named him is a good finisher and doesn't get as much credit for his play making as he should, has some sand paper to him and can look after himself if need be. Good team guy and hates to loose.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure how you have this info anon. 9:27 but the key thing that you said is that he hates to lose! That is what this team needs in my opinion, a fierce never give up competitiveness.

Yeah the Seawolves come back but there are way too many times that they just sit back and get down before picking it up. Players that hate to lose don't tend to put up with that. Hope Mickey doesn't and I think Crowell will be the same way. Only time will tell, but looks like some good guys coming in.

Anonymous said...

Players that hate to lose are clark, hunt and grant, I am sure their are others. We must pick captains and assistants who will motivate this new group of recruits to never say die.

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