Friday, November 26, 2010

Game Day Friday: Seawolves at CC

Friday, November 26th 2010
UAA Seawolves vs. Colorado College
World Arena::Colorado Springs
5:37PM (Alaska Standard Time)

Audio/Video Info
TV: None
Video Stream: B2 Networks 
Radio: 550AM KTZN The Zone (Kurt Haider)
Audio Stream: UAA Splash Zone (Pay-Per-Listen)

Links To Other Media
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WCHA Release (Evil WCHA HQ Paranoia)
This Week In The WCHA  mp3 link (Jim Rich)
ADN Story: Productive Freshman (Doyle Woody)
CSZ Story: CC's Schultz Show (Joe Paisley)
CSZ Story: Back To Basics Defense (Joe Paisley)

Sorry I didn't get to a more substantial preview this week.  Other stuff ya know?  In any case, I betting on some real low scoring games as both teams play with defense in mind all weekend.  The Chat Room will be open about 15 minutes before game time.  I may or may not add a thing or two but for now.

Go Seawolves!!!

Grant - Kwas - Wiles
Haddad - Bailey - Cameron
Bruijsten - Naslund - Pustin
Portwood - Parkinson - Gellert
Warner - Gorham
Leinweber - Vidmar
Darwitz - Sproule
Gunderson - Kamal


Al said...

Is the B2 connection any good or is it the one you swore (literally)was a rip off?

Suze said...

The last time I watched UAA at CC on the B2 network, I saw a floating tiger head while the game was being played. Very frustrating. I'd rather listen to Kurt.

Donald Dunlop said...

I don't have technical problems getting streamed video so I've never had a problem with B2 in those terms. I won't use them because you can only purchase the game 10 mins prior to the start and last time I did this they keep refusing a perfectly good credit card (that i'd used there before) and their technical support people sent me a ridiculous reply. That's when I decided they could go and fuck themselves before I'd give them any more money. So it's wholly out of spiteful principle based on that one interaction. It was enough though for me.

And yeah ... what Suze said ... if you buy the B2 from the Springs you'll get floating tiger head with every single stoppage of play. And then shots of the crowd. They feed the exact same video as goes onto their scoreboard thingy.

BBEF said...


Care to make a wager on the game? I'm about to leave so I won't have time for your response. It's 1 drink for every goal better... Let me know if you're in before the end of the 1st.

BBEF said...

Dude? You didn't take the bet? WTF?

The following comments offended me and made me feel childish for reading the chat.

Donald Dunlop:
they have an Arthur Bidwell ... that's a butler's name .. not a hockey player

BBEF is on Twitter so he can't read anything we are saying

Donald Dunlop:
guarantee he'll be reading it later ...

If CC doesn’t bring the pain tomorrow I’m gonna call in my boy Dobson for some crazy Voodoo shit.

BBEF said...

To all the haters:


My 5 seconds of research pointed to a fish that came from a Wikipedia article.

It was late... I was probably drunk...

I stand by my decision. I REPEAT – I am not a crook.

I have to wash the egg and hotdog off my face and go to bed now.

See for yourself.

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