Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Luncheon, Skate With The Seawolves, Jersey Auction

Several special events highlight the upcoming series versus St. Cloud for Seawolves fans.  First up, on Friday, the Seawolf Athletic Association will be hosting a Coach's Luncheon beginning at 11:30am in the Lucy Cuddy Center on Campus.

I don't know the specific menu involved for this event but I do know the last one associated with the Mankato series served Filet Mignon and Halibut and was described in glowing terms as incomprehensibly delicious and the absolute best lunch deal in town.  

So shove $20 bucks in your wallet and head down there Friday for lunch, speeches from coaches and dialogue with your fellow Seawolves supporters.  I'm promised you'll not regret going.  I don't know if Bob Motzko could possibly be funnier than Air Force's Frank Serratore but I'll bet you Dr. Cobb will keep his remarks brief, for once.


Following the game on Saturday, the Seawolves players will return to the ice for one of their Skate With The Seawolves events.  Bring your kids skates and helmets to give them chance to hit the ice with guys.  Hockey players universally enjoy these "skate with" events and the chance to body check, slew foot and otherwise maim  ... oh wait ... no they don't; I made that up.  Seriously, there isn't a skate with event anywhere that players don't enjoy and young kids don't build lasting memories.

I remember being an on-field "ball boy" for a couple of North American Soccer League games in Denver when I was young.  In my minds eye, I can still see Peter Bonetti (one of the truly great goalkeepers of all time) flying up to the high corner to push a Chaka Ngobo shot wide.  I also have vivid memories as a 10 year old attending and putting a move or two on college aged soccer players at Midwestern University.

So don't let your kids miss out on some really good stuff.  The more the merrier eh?


Concomitantly on the north side of the arena, the SAA will be hosting a Seawolves Jersey Auction for fans to raise funds.  I don't have a list of jersey numbers available but if you've wanted a jersey here's your chance to get one of those "authentic game worn" sweaters that are so coveted by collectors.

I have never bid on one but I understand the prices can climb pretty high when more than a couple of people have their hearts set on specific numbers.  So like they say on PBS, bid early and bid often if you want to secure one of this precious memorabilia.
On Friday night the first 1000 folks through the door will receive a "Live Green" reusable bag as they enter the arena.  On Saturday the first 2000 fans will be given one of the "Howl For The Home Team" refrigerator magnets.


Donald Dunlop said...

Was just reading this summary of the Manitoba Moose's skills competition last night. Kevin Clark finished 3rd on "Team Green" and 5th overall in the fastest skater contest with a time of 14.57 seconds just behind Yann Sauve's 14.56, Jeff Tambellini's 14.53, Jordan Schroeder's 14.48 and Bill Sweatt's blazing time of 14.16 ...

It also contains this nugget about the breakaway contest ..

The only Winnipegger on the Moose, Team Green’s Kevin Clark, tried to steal the show in front of the hometown fans. After crossing the blueline Clark picked up the puck with the backhand side of his stick blade with only one hand, then threw the puck lacrosse-style over the net.

Clarkie gets lots of good press down there as a hometown boy. I bet he's loving playing an important role on what honestly looks to be perhaps the best team in the AHL.

He's got 3 goals and 3 assists in 9 games (the team has played 15) for 7th on the team with a +6 rating which is 2nd best on the squad and only 6 penalty minutes even though I've been reading that he's definitely applying his pest ethic during the games.

I doubt he'll be sitting out any more games as he had to do early in the season while Noel was figuring out who he's got that can do what.

WTG Kevin ... if you aren't "the" fan favorite there now I'll be you will be soon.

Suze said...

Way to go Clarky!! We miss you.

BBEF said...


Thanks for this! Bill Sweatt is my all time favorite CC Tiger. I'm surprised he couldn't top Walsky's water mark (another former Tiger).

UAA fans should know both these names.

We (by we - I mean me – the d-bag CC fan that posts here) miss Sweatt - his speed always gave us the man advantage. He’s REALLY fast.

Donald Dunlop said...

Yes. I called Bill Sweat the fastest skater in the NCAA on this blog after seeing him here in Anchorage for the first time. And yes, we know Walsky. He's from Anchorage and played at UAA before transferring to CC. Good hockey player but could never seem to find real chemistry with any other forward ... that trait followed him somewhat as well. I suspect that's why he ditched the AHL for Europe.

Anonymous said...

I think it's great Kevin is doing so well. He's a great one for the crowd for sure, we miss him alot. Let's harness up some Huskies this weekend eh? Time to go for a ride.
Let's Go SeaWolves.

BBEF said...

I agree with your assessment of Sweatt. I really hope he can turn that into something at the next level.

I knew that Walsky played for the Wolves. He wasn’t bad here at CC. I would have to look up stats to say for sure but fondly remember a hat trick he scored against Nodak.

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