Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Help Wanted: Skating Spirit The Seawolf

I'm informed by the dynamically busy yet always resplendent UAA Assistant SID Dallas Baldwin that the Seawolves Athletic Department is looking for a person to fill the role of Spirit The Seawolf for home hockey games.  The job is a volunteer position and the school is hoping to find a candidate with one primary qualification; the volunteer should be able to skate.

No doubt Associate Athletic Director Tim McDiffett would be thrilled if an expert skater contacted him with regard to this position but I think a minimally proficient skater who is able to skate forward and backward would be more than satisfactory.  So yeah ... no ankle benders like me eh?

If you're interested in volunteering please contact Tim at via email or by calling him at 786-1307.


Alaskana said...

Srsly? We don't even have someone to fill the shoes of our mascot? *Does facepalm*.

Oh well, go Wolves!!!

Donald Dunlop said...

You only fill shoes by asking someone to fill them ya know? If folks don't know the shoes need to be filled then they're bound to stay empty.


Alaskana said...

Well spoken, Donald. :)

Donald Dunlop said...

Some people say I have a way with words sometimes. It's a blessing and a curse. I'm admired and reviled. I hit home runs and strike out.

In any case, thank you.

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