Friday, November 26, 2010

Seawolves Beat CC 4-3 in OT

The Seawolves overcame a third period seeming march to the pentaly box tonight to fight back and tie the game on Matt Bailey's six goal of the season with just 6 seconds remaining in regualtion.  The goal was notable as UAA's net was empty and CC was again on the power play.  Short-Handed Extra Attacker goals rule.  It was Bailey's second goal of the night.  

Then 1:20 remaining in the overtime Tommy Grant netted the winner.  Two OT wins in the last three games is pretty sweet stuff.  Battling back after all the power play chances granted to CC was a tall order.  Bailey's goal was obviously huge.  Fitting that Nick Haddad figured in on the game winning scoreline because his play was real noticeable by Kurt's call.  It was a two assist night for Nick as he picked up the helper on Bailey's first goal.

Sounded like at least the first half of the 1st period was completely dominated by CC.  Shot total at one point was 15-2 if I'm not mistaken.  Rob Gunderson came up big with keys saves throughout the night but he set the tone keeping CC off the board for the first 27 minutes of the game.

With play still often favoring CC later in the 1st, Craig Parkinson got the Seawolves first goal of the night as the recipient of what I can only guess is what we might start calling a "Portwood Special" at 16:02.  It seemed to go (as they say in soccer parlance) against the run of play.  It seemed to give the squad confidence and a bit of momentum.

So in the 2nd period the Seawolves came out and pummeled goalie Joe Howe with 18 shots.  Howe stood tall with lots of good saves it sounded like.  The Black Bears though scored two goals a little over a minute and a half apart though to hold a 2-1 lead for the majority of the period.  Then Matt Baily, Brett Cameron and Nick Haddad didn't give up and scored the game tying goal with .3 seconds left in the 2nd period.

With the coming of the 3rd period came the march to the penalty box.  Hooking @ :41 (Killed Off); Holding @ 6:39 (Killed Off); Tripping @ 14:33 (Killed Off); Holding @ 16:13 (CC Scores); Tripping @ 19:06 (UAA Scores).  And after all that the refs couldn't at least give the Seawolves some sort of reach around?


Anonymous said...

This team is about to clear the hump folks. I can feel it coming. I think we sweep CC This weekend and gain some momentum for the series against

Neil said...

The Seawolves are 3-2-1 in their last 6 games. This team has the feel that they will improve as the season progresses. All the games this year except for two have been decided by 1 goal. These are the kinds of games that you expect to learn from. The young talent is the deepest we have seen for several years.

Donald Dunlop said...

The play of the sophomore forwards took a step up last weekend and Bruijsten, Naslund and Pustin were again an effective combination. The penalty killing was good too.

A nice win indeed.

Suze said...

Congratulations on a griffy, "never say die" win Seawolves! Well worth staying up for. Come out even stronger tonight!!

Suze said...

Griffy? I meant gritty!! LOL

Will said...

Great win for the Seawolves. Kurt does a great job calling the game and it sounded like he really enjoyed the win last night. Talk about getting contributions from the whole team. The young guys have really stepped in and contributed to the play of the upper classmen really making a difference. If we could now just get refs that could call a good game our chances of more wins would look good, 7-2 sure isn't anywhere close to that norm of keeping the calls even. Go for the sweep guys, we know you can do it.

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