Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hide Yo Cars, Hide Yo Wife - Tony Mosey Is Coming

The Twin Cities Pioneer Press is reporting today that St. Cloud hockey player Tony Mosey is facing felony "damage to property" charges and made his first court appearance yesterday (Monday November 15th, 2010).  The complaint alleges that Mosey caused about $3,500 in damage to a 1997 Buick LeSabre by walking on and caving in the "entire roof".

Apparently, it was one of two vehicles Mosey walked on as reported to police by a witness to the events. He described Mosey and two other men walking on Fourth Avenue from downtown St. Cloud on September 20th at about 1:25 in the morning. 

Police used a footprint from the roof of a dusty (but undamaged) Toyota Camry to identify Mosey as the culprit after responding to the complaint and then locating Mosey and his companions.  The article details the Sherlock Holmes-like police work ...
Police found a footprint on the dusty roof of the Camry, according to the complaint, and located the three men that the witness reported seeing.

The three men showed police the bottoms of their shoes, and the print on the Camry's roof matched the sole pattern of Mosey's shoes, according to the criminal complaint.
Coach Bob Motzko suspended Mosey for two games as part of his punishment for the event.  Mosey sat out St. Clouds exhibition game against the University of Manitoba and their first regular season game against RIT.

Mosey is scheduled to make the trip to Anchorage and play in this weekends games.

I think this teaches us all a valuable lesson.  Toyota Camry > Buick LeSabre.  Shame really ... because the 97 LeSabre really has superior visual lines and just tremendous sex appeal.

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BBEF said...

I’m sad to admit that I’m guilty of similar douchebargy. It was a long time ago and I’m not proud. I stayed on the side of Toyota so no real damage was done. :(

Please don't "run and tell that."

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