Saturday, November 13, 2010

Game Day Saturday: UAA @ Bemidji

Saturday, November 13th 2010
UAA Seawolves vs. Bemidji State Beavers
Bemidji Regional Events Center::Bemidji, Minnesota
4:07PM (Alaska Standard Time)

Audio/Video Links
TV: GCI Channel 1 (Anchorage) - Lakeland Public Television (Bemidji)
Video Webcast: B2 Networks 
Radio: KTZN 550 AM (Kurt Haider)
Raido Stream: (Pay-Per-Listen)
Bemidji Stream: (Free!!!)

Other Media Coverage
ADN: Crap Recap (Doyle Woody)
Bemidji Pioneer: Crappier Recap (Eric Stromgren)
GoSeawolves: Better Recap (Dallas Baldwin)

Congratulations again to the team on gutting out the win.  Matt Bailey's two power play goals were obviously big keys to the win.  Let's hope again that there is no let down of any sort tonight.  It WILL take a better game overall to complete this sweep.  Bemidji's shot total was kinda high.  Limiting the odd man rushes would be quite useful since the only two "real goals" they scored were both on clean 1-on-1 breaks.  I'll have the lines up in this section sometime before the game starts.  The Chat Room will open about 3:45 or so since tonight's game starts at 4:00PM instead of 4:30PM.


FLUAAF said...

DD, you made a very good post a few weeks ago about how both goalies, being Freshman, should be rotated. How do you feel about Gundy getting all of the recent play (he'll be in goal again tonight)? I said before that he's earned the number one spot, but it seems awfully early in the season to bury Kamal on the bench. Can't be good for his ego or the team's fortunes should he be needed.

Donald Dunlop said...

I almost mentioned in my notes here that I have a feeling Kamal will get the start tonight. Although, I can see that Shyiak might go with Gundy since he did get the win last night.

Here's the thing though. Both of the goals they got on Gundy were over his shoulder on the glove side. There aren't the first goals he's given up in that spot either. If Bemidji players noticed (and there's every reason to believe they would) then maybe Kamal is a good choice since they wouldn't know where to shoot on him?

I dunno. I hate the who to play goaltender question. Always have. I'd like to see Gunderson not go down so quickly but that's the style anymore. All goaltenders seem to be obsessed with taking away the bottom of the net. That makes sense in lots of ways because it makes the other team have to snipe ya to get it past but the WCHA has lots of good shooters ya know?

See? I can go back and forth on it all day. I'm just glad it's not my choice.

Anonymous said...

According to Doyle Woody, Matt Cameron got a goal last night for us!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the win Wolves!!

Hey Donald, do you know where in town any fans are hooking up to watch the game.

Gator Girl

Mike said...

Thank you GCI for carrying the game. Bemidji has by far the best game cast in the WCHA. Great announcers not homer fan boys. Nice interview with Shyiak between periods. Goaltending? Why not play Kamal? 2-0 in 42 seconds...not what you would call hot play...regardless of how they went in.

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