Saturday, February 19, 2011

Dean "Goon" Blais Outsmarts More Referees

Color me completely and utterly lacking in surprise that a Dean "Oggietorp" Blais coached hockey team would be the stick happiest, slashingest hackers that I've seen on a WCHA hockey rink this season.  I thought Friday night's game UNO initiated a fair bit of chippy bullshit ... but tonight that was doubled.

No doubt Blais is an intelligent coach.  He clearly recognized that referees Adam and Walsh pretty much swallowed their whistles on Friday night and obviously gave his team free reign tonight to goon it up.  There is a difference between a hard physical team and a dirty team.  Tonight fans in Anchorage saw a dirty team.  There is a reason that UNO is the most penalized team in the WCHA and that reason stands on their bench behind his players.

It was like playing against an early 2000's UND team.  Not to say that Dave "McCracken" HACKsTOOL doesn't pull the same shit down there now; but in three games versus UND this season I didn't see near the total hacking bullshit that I saw out of UNO tonight.  It was a fucking disgrace.  But it was a strategy that worked, it got the Seawolves off their game.

There was nary a faceoff that didn't include cheap little hacks to the back of the legs, cup checks and slashes to hands.  If this game had been called the way so many people in the WCHA whine for games to be called there would have been twice or three times as many penalties called.  I'm all for the refereeing philosophy to let the two teams decide the game but that doesn't minimize my frustration tonight.  

It looked like early on that the referees tried to set a tone that they weren't going to let any of last nights faceoff shenanigans prevail when they sent cocky little punk Matt White and Nick Haddad off just 1:18 into the game before the puck was dropped after an offside call.  But they never really followed up and UNO took advantage of the their leniency.  Yeah ... Dean Blais is smarter than Don Adam and Tim Walsh.  Big surprise.

The refereeing and unabated hacking from UNO was not however the reason that the Seawolves lost this game.  Lack of finishing was.  The Seawolves outshot UNO 30-18 on the night.  None of the Seawolves shots went in.  Yes, they got credited with a goal.  But that was the result of a sprawled UNO player trying to sweep the puck out of the slot with his hand which then went straight into the net.

It was nice to see some extra people come out to the game.  I can only imagine that was a result of Matt Shasby's commentary in the ADN extolling hockey fans to come out and support the team.

Matt Bailey was hurt on a uncalled interference in the 1st period.  With the puck nowhere in sight he was checked along boards near the blueline and went down appearing to twist his knee.  He limped to the locker room shortly thereafter.  

Tommy Grant was cross-checked in the head after the whistle and UNO player Ryan Walters only received a 2 minute roughing penalty.  It was a travesty.  Clearly it should have been a five minute major for contact to the head and a game disqualification.  That is supposed to be the point of emphasis this year.  

I was asked tonight if any UAA opponent had been called for a 5 minute major this season in a game against the Seawolves.  I sure don't remember a single one.  I'll roll through all the all boxscores later to satisfy my curiosity but perhaps one of you guys will know the answer.


Anonymous said...

Hard to believe the ticky-tack minor penalties they called on face offs were equivalent to the cross check to the face that Grant was the recipient of.

The big difference though was UNO's speed, too many times they just blew by the Seawolve defenders, twice they scored. UNO has a ton of talent and they aren't afraid to muck it up either. I think I hate these guys as much as UND and Wisconsin.

Jimjamesak said...

To satisfy my own curiousity and my status as the stat geek here I looked it up...

1 against Duluth, Saturday game, Seidel for CTH.
1 against Kato, Friday game, Mosey for CFB

and that's it.

Compared to 7 called against UAA (One was from a CCHA referee in Fairbanks). So basically UAA hasn't gotten a 5 minute power play since October.

Jimjamesak said...

Linky if anybody wants to double check me.

MavFan said...

Interesting read. I was glad to see that you mentioned the chippyness from UNO was not the reason UAA lost last night. And I will totally agree with you that Matt White is pretty good at getting under opposing player's skins. Again, like you stated, if they don't call it, why wouldn't you do it?

What I was more disappointed with, and I hope some of the UAA fans are as well, was the crowd. Did the Iditorad start this weekend or something? Was there a huge blizzard that curtailed people from coming to the games? I have never seen anything like it. There are nearly 300,000 people in Anchorage, correct? Maybe 100 of them showed up for Friday, and possibly 200 for Saturday? I'm sure Anchorage is a fine town, never been, but there can't be THAT much going on that UAA couldn't draw at least 300?

I'd worry less about "goon" coaches/teams coming into town and more about getting some people in the seats. Besides, when you write about this stuff, only a handful of people know what happened because nobody was at the game.

Good luck the rest of the way...hopefully UNO doesn't have to face UAA in the near future. Your style of play slowed us down Friday and for a good chunk on Saturday. I wouldn't want to face UAA down the road...

Anonymous said...

MavFan sounds a lot like a Sioux fan.

Anonymous said...

Two errors in this article

1. It was Von Bokern not Walters with the cross check.
2. The cross check was to the upper chest.

Other than that, great read, and it was like watching a north dakota team from the early 2000s

Donald Dunlop said...

If I were you I'd worry about about telling me what to the fuck to worry about.

Your overpaid coach has a long term history of coaching players to goon it up. That will be your cross to bear. Ponder that next time you're strolling through Dodge Park in the evening.

Trust me on this ... the history of ill-manned, felonious and low character players that your bumpkin program is already known for will only increase over time just as it did in Grand Forks. Inevitable.

Now go back to the non-commentable World Herald pages and read more whining about the big bad long trips to Alaska that the evil scheduling god's make your cowgirls take every year.

BBEF said...

@ midnight anon

UNO was fast? They looked REALLY slow when they played here in da Springs. IMO they slowed down our game with BIG bodies and that's why they won on night 2.

Don't they have a guy that's like 7 feet tall?

BBEF said...

I think CC was called for a 5 spot in January. I've done my best to clear my trip to ANC from my memory (well the games at least) but seem to remember CC killing a major.

Oh wait... I looked it up... Gorham got the major...

Anonymous said...

White is a punk, plain and simple. I don't think I've ever seen a player run his head into the opposing face off guys stomach and not get thrown out of the face off circle.

With almost 4000 fans there, UAA is matching what the Aces are bringing in. Nice to see the crowd bigger, too bad they had to see the style of game that UNO forced. Cheap. I'm thinking they won't get far with that kind of play, especially past the playoffs against other leagues.

Heal up Bailey, we need you!

Donald Dunlop said...

Dear Ignorant Anon Fuckwad who's comment I deleted,

1st ... The spelling of my last name is clear. Copy and paste it from somewhere if you are mentally disabled in some way.

2nd ... Pay attention to the commenting warning about intent next time

Donald Dunlop said...

I should have mentioned in the post that it was nice to hear Gellert get acknowledged as player of the game last night. He was flying all over the ice and was very effective. I'd also give props to Tyler Currier for both his physical play and his clear willingness to answer the call of the cheap play.

I hope in any future circumstance against this goon squad that Coach Shyiak allows the players to redress their grievances with opposition players.

BBEF said...


In this case, all things considered, I would have gone with fucktard over fuckwad. That's just me, I'm not telling you what the fuck to worry about.

Donald Dunlop said...

I know you wouldn't. I trust you like that.

But honestly, "Wad" is more evocative than "Tard". "Wad" creates a certain connotative flexibility in the imagination of the reader while "Tard" on the other hand is fairly limiting.

Anonymous said...

What did the omaha guy say that made all of you mad?

MavFan said...

Good stuff, good stuff.

I'll agree to disagree with connecting our number of penalty minutes to the title of a "goon" team. I don't think the two are related.

Ironic that you talk about our coach whining.

MavFan said...

Anonymous -
I had the audacity to say that the crowd was non-existent. I know, it's enough to set any guy off.

Donald Dunlop said...

So you see empty seats behind the glass and hyperbolically suggest a crowd of 200 and that somehow makes you clever? And then with zero context as to the ongoing content I provide here for my readers you characterize me as being set off?

You are now starting to amuse me ... and by amuse me of course I mean bore me with unimaginative uncreative and all too often repeated silly mischaracterizations of my emotional state. Get your internet emote-detect-o-meter checked.

I guess you must have watched the FREE FEED that UAA so graciously provides.

Donald Dunlop said...

2nd Anon whom I just deleted,
That's already been noted earlier in the above comment string. As was the case with my directions to the earlier "wad" that I deleted. You should really read the comment instructions with regard to intent.

MavFan said...

DD -
I did watch the FREE FEED, and I thank UAA for graciously providing it. I would also like to thank the UAA camera person for so graciously giving viewers a headache with his/her failure to follow the puck.

I'm sure you are a level headed guy. I found the link to this blog on a UNO fan message board. This is the first visit I have made to the blog. I don't know you, I don't pretend to know you. Don't pretend you know me. I don't know where you have seen me before to make a comment that I "often repeatedly" question your mental state.

The reason I said that whatever I stated "set you off" is because of the repeated use of the "F" bomb in the posts in response to my post.

I'm not using profanity with you, and I will repeat what I stated in the first post. I wish UAA best of luck in the upcoming weeks.

Donald Dunlop said...

In real life I suppose I'm no different than anyone else with regard to my emotional state. Here on the internet though ... I'm emotionless for the most part (passion being an exception) and well aware that I come across to people as a DICK.

The context of which you aren't aware is the body of my work here in service to readers who are UAA fans. I could care less if any non-UAA fan ever reads anything I have to say. But week after week over the years I've come to see that fans of opposition teams can become obsessed in their attempts to successfully engage me.

It took about 3 years for UND fans to learn to not bother commenting here. They still link to me in their forum and read ... however they do not comment here for the most part.

This blog is written for a specific audience ... UAA fans. It is my attempt to relate my fan experience to theirs and to provide some sort of forum to express themselves as well. Fans of other programs are welcome to contribute to the conversation. I hold them to the standard noted on the commenting form.

Lastly, I use the full breadth of language here. I do not judge any word with labels like "profanity". For the most part you have attempted to engage me in an acceptable manner. If you hadn't. I would have deleted your comments.

Suze said...

Donald, thanks for not using your original thoughts for a headline (the one you mentioned last night). As for the pic posted today, priceless! Well done.

UNO will not get any respect in the world of college hockey with their cheap style of play.

MavFan said...

Donald -
Well said, well said. You do serve a specific audience, and I wouldn't expect anything different from a UAA blog as I would a UNO blog. The picture of Blais caught my attention, and thus the post.

I plan on keeping an eye on the blog, as your commentary is entertaining for sure.

Oh, and a question I meant to ask you earlier. You stated that Blais is overpaid (I know very little about coach's pay in the WCHA). He was signed for $1 million over four years. A private donor in Omaha basically paid for it. Question: if you could guarantee UAA a national championship in four years, would you pay $1 million? (Blais didn't guarantee anything, I'm just asking). I'm not saying we will have a national championship in four years, I'm just wondering what your limit would be? I personally couldn't believe we offered $1 million for a hockey coach. That kind of money is usually reserved for the University of Nebraska-Lincoln football coach.

Jimjamesak said...

To comment on the Anon that said the Cross Check was to the chess: Umm no, that was to the head. If Grant wasn't wearing a full face cage that would've been some serious damage.

Anonymous said...

A private donor pays Blais salary? Isn't that a violation of NCAA rules??????

Donald Dunlop said...

My idea is that a hockey coach at this level is near the pinnacle of what can be accomplished in his profession. I would think that for most humans being able to have gainful employment in a profession they love (which is more an avocation than a job) should be enough.

Gainful of course is a relative term. As a society do we really think that people involved in professions that are for our entertainment are worth more than .. oh say people involved treating illness? A hockey coach is worth more than a nurse? How about a ... um ... a soldier? A hockey coach is worth that much more than soldier?

I'm not a hockey fan who is particularly interested in championships. Sure, I'd like to see the team I love have more success and ultimately be rewarded with such an accomplishment. But I've always been more interested in seeing a group of athletes exchange their services for an education and represent my local school in equitable competition with other schools. That's enough for me in general.

Would you be interested in coaching UNO for half of what Blais makes if you could? I would. What if you were a talented professional athlete? Would you be satisfied with some league minimum salary to play the game you love? Or would you be like 98 percent of them that demand what the market will bear? For me, I know I'd be satisfied with a livable wage for employing my athletic skills in the game I love. Anything more than that is overpaid in my mind.

And yes ... I think Capitalism is a corrupted sick system that degrades humans.

MavFan said...

Anonymous -
I believe a private donor gave $1 million to the university, which then freed up $1 million to give Blais.
Don't quote me on any of the above.

MavFan said...

Donald -
Agreed. Just wanted to see your opinion.

Speaking of money, I have always wondered how the Alaska teams survive financially. How does UAA and UAF afford travel costs, being that the CCHA and WCHA are so far away? We bitch about having to travel north for ONE guys have to come down south for half the conference games.

Donald Dunlop said...

Private funding of some part of an NCAA coach's salary isn't uncommon and is allowed.

Anonymous said...

So a hot goaltender gives UNO two points and basically sinks Wolves chance at home ice. Maybe we’ll meet in the playoffs—at least we know we can beat them. What has bothered me the last four games are the liberties teams are taking with Grant. That cheap shot last night was a blatant example. (It’s also a good argument for fighting in hockey. Such deeds cannot go unpunished. Fuck the refs who spend too much time whacking off to video replay. Whether it’s two minutes or five, a message must be sent by the team.) Someone should have taken the guy’s head off. Perhaps Tommy should have someone on his line who can have his back. -30-

Anonymous said...

hot goaltender?? he has been like that all year soo i dont know where your getting

Anonymous said...

I don't think it was "Private Funding" of the coaches salary. The donor made a large contribution to program in general, I believe.

Anonymous said...

This is all really hilarious. Dean Blais is a great coach. UNO is talented team this year, unfortunately they're just a better hockey team than UAA. My best advice? Get used to UNO winning and winning often with Dean Blais, this coaching staff, the incredible support of the program and the NHL caliber recruits he's bringing in. UNO is about to entire the big time. It's very clear UNO has worn out their welcome in the WCHA this year and, frankly, we wouldn't have it any other way. Good luck to the Seawolves the rest of the way.

Irishmac21 said...

This is a highly entertaining blog, and I would love to subscribe to your Marxist newsletter. I too dislike capitalist goon-loving pig-dogs!

Anonymous said...

IN watching the broadcast of the game, I am even more frustrated by the terrible reffing job. On Grants breakaway in the 2nd, Faulkner clearly stuck out his stick and tripped Grant. The ref was right there and no call was made.

Anonymous said...

anon 7:38

entire the big time? really? they are going to be the entire big time?

Anonymous said...

Remember when Willert was down, writhing on the ice in the second period? Wanna know why? Simonson tried to slash Kwas but instead he slashed his own player in the back of the knee. Haider called it "Friendly Fire". LOL.

Anonymous said...

anon 8:36

HEY SHIT FOR BRAINS… this isn’t a UNO blog! Look in the mirror and compare that to the big fat dump your mom just left in the toilet. They look exactly the fucking same…

I understand that you’re new to the WCHA so you might not know all the rules. There is no minimum level of success required for shit talking.

Anonymous said...

Re Hot Goaltender: Wake the fuck up. Saturday the Mav's goalie was hot. I'm very sure that all year he's been a very nice fellow on and off the ice. Saturday he was in the zone. Too bad for us. Good for you. -30-

Anonymous said...

If you whined this much about a hockey game in Canada, you would get bitch-slapped.

Blazer handed your ass to you, get over it, the guy has a gold medal, what do you expect from a gold medal coach? :)

Donald Dunlop said...

Dear Parent of UNO player posting anonymously @ 5:17 PM,
I believe I was complimenting Blais on his tactics. And if your son played for UAA, you'd be damned glad to have someone like me writing about him and his team.

Anonymous said...

"Blazer handed your ass to you"?? Are you serious? UAA outshot UNO 30-18, had more scoring chances, and could have easily won had they not run into a very hot goalie.

Since UAA won the first game, I hardly think your statement is accurate. A two goal game (not counting the open net) is hardly an ass whopping. *rollseyes*

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