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Monday, February 07, 2011

Grand Forks Herald: Seahawks nip Gophers

Is it necessary for me to add any commentary here?  Perhaps not; but, this is both funny and pitiful.  More importantly though, it is a near perfect exposition of exactly how provincially minded casual UND hockey followers really are.

So enjoy it for what it is ... just a boneheaded mistake but remember what it represents. 


Cwoofy said...

OMG, that is too funny! Kudos to Alaskana for submitting that to Donald & JJ's in-box! ♥ ♥ ♥

Alaskana said...

Next thing you know UND fans will be asking: "What's a Seahawk"? ;o)

Anonymous said...

What would you expect from a town that has a school with a girls nickname or boy as Johnny Cash might have it? Not trying to insult any females I'm just saying ... Once a hillbilly always a hillbilly, eh grand forks?

Dirty said...

This is what the Herald gets for using an AP article. At least it didn't call UAA the Seachickens or Snowcows. That's a plus.

UAAalumni09 said...

Kane signed with the Aces

Alaska Hockey said...

Dirty what are they going the No Daks next year the "Plain Janes"?

Anonymous said...

Dirty said...

Meth Farmers

Anonymous said...

You guys are all morons. This is the article. You guys are living proof of how bad the education system in Alaska is.

Donald Dunlop said...

AnonFOOL @ 851:

What I posted was EXACTLY what was on the GRAND FORKS HERALD webpage.

I'm being nice to you. Don't come back as I won't be nice to you again.

Anonymous said...

Hey Don, do you understand how newspaper websites work? Do you think that there's some guy slaving away typing every article that goes on there? Do you know what the AP is?

OK, I'll slow it down for you - the Herold submits a request for the AP feed of WCHA stories, and grants permission for them to post those stories on its website - sight unseen. Some moron at AP quickly glances at the UAA nickname "Seawolves" and remembers Seachickens as he switches from page to page to write the story. Said story gets sent out, and posted before anyone looks at it, on every website that subscribes to that particular WCHA game summary AP serivce. End of story.

Clearly, the people who actually live in Grand Forks were smart enough to change the headline as it appears in print (see photo). Heck, they may not even have the ability to edit the content of AP stories on their own website... Truthfully, your vitrol shold be saved for some random Twin Cities AP headline writer - not the GF Herold.

Donald Dunlop said...

Except ... that's not the way it works at all.

The AP puts together stories and makes them available to the local paper to use. The local paper pays the AP for the story. The "Herald" doesn't grant permission for the AP to put stories on their website sight unseen. That's patently ridiculous.

You are here pretending you know how the newspaper business works. Yet, you can't spell "herald", "vitriol"?

Now ... where in fucks name do you see ANY vitriol in the post that I made? You didn't. Because there is none.

The ADN had a very similar online occurrence with regard to a UAA series wherein they called some team that came up here the Bulldogs and they weren't from UMD. I was just as delighted to see that error and treated it almost the same as I treated this. It didn't make it into the print edition either.

Get the fuck over yourself. In the future you should probably ignore whatever gut feeling it was that spurred you to come here and condescend to me. If you choose not to; then bring someone else's brain with you. Yours is dramatically insufficient for the task.

Lastly, AP offices are located in Fargo and Bismarck.

Alaskana said...

Looks like Goon's flying monkeys are out in force today. Better get the Sioux repellent out.

vizoroo said...

First, let me say I loved all your "Dirty" jokes.

Second, Anchorage appears to be warmer than Grand Forks. Danny Kristo can surely attest to that. (Not trying to make fun of his injuries, just noting his questionable mental acuity in wandering around in snowdrifts, reportedly without shoe(s), when the temp is -11/wind chill -33.)

Most importantly, it's time for the SEAWOLVES to knock the susies down a peg or two.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the "lesson" in how the media works. I'll keep that in mind when I reference my 20 years in radio/TV/newspaper/internet in the future.

Oh, and thanks for the note on spelling. Not that I might have a learning disability that doesn't allow my brain to put letters together the right way very often, or not that I'd be sensative about it (or not that you might offer a spell check)...

Oh, and those AP offices in Fargo and Bismarck? You really don't know how the Associated Press works, do you? The whole point is that a story happening away from where a newspaper is written, that paper doesn't have to send someone to cover the event since Ap has offices wherever they need them. So, do you really think the Fargo office wrote that headline? No, since the game was in Minneapolis, THE TWIN CITIES AP GUY WROTE IT.

I'll sit back and wait for you to delete this entry since you clearly know all and I'm clearly an idiot. Fuck you very much.

Donald Dunlop said...

Just remember that 2nd to the last sentence, eh?

Of course, if we were ever to meet you now know that I'd tip over your wheelchair and steal the battery. Then I'd foul the air your breathing with cigarette smoke to irritate your cystic fibrosis while standing on your oxygen lines. Then for fun I'd put bubble gum in your hair just before I bang your wife, girlfriend and/or boyfriend right in front of you.

Alaskana said...

vizoroo: Yup, on average Anchorage is indeed warmer than Grand Forks many times throughout the Winter. People are often surprised when they learn that our winters (at least in South Central Alaska) most often hover around the 20-30 degree temp level, rarely dipping below zero.
Hell we even had temps in the low 50's about a month back, with rain. Not bad for being at 60 degrees north latitude. The coldest temp I ever experienced? Yup, Grand Forks, North Dakota. -42 WITHOUT windchill.

So, when they are wrong to think we are somehow vastly colder than they are in the winter.

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