Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Western Michigan: Latest Victim Of CHN TOTW

Following a one week unexplained hiatus, College Hockey News has announced it's latest victim of Team of the Week honors.  Western Michigan has been so deemed.  Apparently a NINE game unbeaten streak before last week's games wasn't quite enough to designate Western with this "honor" as the (at that time 12-6-8) Broncos were facing a relatively good (at that time 11-11-4) Northern Michigan team last weekend.

So, Western managed to sweep the Wildcats after avoiding the curse of being named CHN's TOTW last week.  This week the outlook is much better for them as they face Bowling Green who is just 3-15-2 in CCHA play.

Some people say that Northern Michigan Coach Walt Kyle was extremely disappointed when Western wasn't named last week.  Apparently he was miffed that his squad didn't get the benefit of facing a jinxed team and was overheard today muttering something along the lines of ...
"What the hell?  If Western had been named last week, we probably would have swept them instead of losing both games.  If that Adam Wodon is walking down the same tunnel as me he best turn around and walk the other way when he sees me!!!"
Pretty awful for NMU that they weren't afforded the same benefit as so many other of the CHN TOTW opponents.  Oh well ... this blogger is gonna put a couple of bucks on Bowling Green this week.  It might not be a sure thing but the big odds should make it worth it when BGSU splits with Western this week due to the jinx.  When he learned of Western's "honor" this week, BGSU Head Coach Chris Bergeron was reportedly overheard saying ...
"Cool ..."
An unconfirmed straw poll of the current 33 Pairwise team coaches found that exactly zero who expressed "high hopes" that their team would get CHN TOTW honors down the stretch.  CHN Editor Adam Wodon was not contacted for this report but likely would have said,
"Hey, at least we're not USCHO."
Whatever that means. 


arcticfox said...

Wow. Congrats to Western Michigan. I don't blame them for wondering "WTF" as far the CHO goes.

Just saw on Doyle Woody's blog that Kane Lafranchise has signed with the Aces ~ (Sorry is that's already on here) :p

arcticfox said...

P.S. Hey Donald,

Is there an edit button on here? I know you can delete your comment and start all over when you have a typo, but didn't there used to be an edit function? Or am I thinking of something else?

Thanks~ :0)

Suze said...

Theresa Spisak has a nice article featuring UAA in today's WCHA blog:

Thanks Theresa!

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