Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Potpourri: Enjoy Your Tacos, On The Road Again, Statistics

How many years have the Seawolves and 'Nookies been rivals?  Like forever right?  The clearly literacy challenged school up north has me quite concerned for the future of Alaska's children.  How many times do we in Anchorage have to answer the "What's a Seawolf?" question for them?

It's indeed a sad commentary on the state of the educational system in Alaska for this outright stupidity to continue.  Think about this for a second; the above video is an official production of UAF and that's the extent of their creativity?  They trot out the oldest, most played out trash talk possible?

I can feature a booster club or blogger or some private entity engaging in this sort of fail sauce promotional idea.  But the UAF athletic department?  Come on Forrest ... if you're going to ill-advisedly engage in that sort of thing at least encourage some creativity from your minions.  

I'm sure you must recognize the folly of associating your school with a coastal arctic bear that has never been closer than 500 miles to your school.  How and why you're not called the Grizzlies escapes me entirely.  Polar Bears?  And you're trying to make fun of UAA's name which is a clear and well-defined homage to the historic native peoples that inhabited this region?

Um .. enjoy your tacos


The quest for the last WCHA home ice playoff spot is all but over for UAA.  Without some sort of major level of fail from Minnesota and/or Colorado College, the Seawolves will be travelling once again for the WCHA playoffs.

The Seawolves have only 4 more potential points available to them when they play Mankato in a couple of weeks.  And 4 points in that squalid hovel has never been an easy task for the Seawolves. CC has 2 relatively tough series against UMD at home and on the road at Wisconsin.  Minnesota's last two series are against Michigan Tech in Minneapolis and on the road at Bemidji.  SCSU, Bemidji and Mankato all now only trail UAA by 2 points.  SCSU and Bemidji have 2 series remaining while Mankato has just UAA left to play.

I'd put my money on da Gophs to finish in sixth as I see them getting 6 points minimum out of their last two series.  Wisconsin had better match that if they want to remain in 5th.  Assuming UAA gets 4 points in Mankato they have a decent chance of finishing ahead of CC but only if the Black Bears falter somewhat.

Anything from 7th to 11th is really still possible for the Seawolves though by my calculations.  It's really quite the tight race from 5th place to 11th this season.  There are only 5 points separating 7 teams.  Finishing as high as possible is really the thing at this point.  Not travelling to UND, DU, UNO or Duluth should be the goal for the playoff trip.  

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for 7th place.


I love documentaries.  So many good one's out there.  Today I really wanted to post you one titled "The Joy Of Statistics".  It's by this excitedly professorial guy named Hans Rosling.  Here's a link to the one spot on the internet where the hour long video is available.  It's great stuff both in terms Rosling's presentation and the valuable information he breaks down so very clearly.

Below is a short five minute example to whet your interest.


Jimjamesak said...

Sad that it actually the kids from Wisconsin to come up with that cheer. UAF had 20 years to come up with it, nothing. They're banned from using it.

Jimjamesak said...

BTW the Heritage Classic is on right now. On the ice for the Flames of course is Curtis Glencross.

That means UAA has had alums in both Outdoor games this year.

Anonymous said...

Almost as stupid as the polar bears blowing up the universe. LOL

BBEF said...

Very cool video.

BBEF said...


The documentary was very thought provoking.

I had feelings of both excitement and fear.

Thanks for sharing the link.

Anonymous said...

The Flames Uniforms at the Heritage Classic were atrocious. Beige pants. Ugh.

I hope all the parents enjoyed the weekend up in Anchorage. Always a great time!

Donald Dunlop said...

I'm always happy to hear anyone watched one of the docs I post here.

Alaska Hockey said...

Perhaps they should schedule a “Road Kill Brunch” for Sunday morning as that what’s will be coming back to the sub arctic village.

A Seawolves Fanatic said...

UAA 80-50-11 versus UA_ alltime. 'Nuff said.

BBEF said...


Remind RWD to give me the gauntlet.

Anonymous said...

And UAA last had a winning season in ______?

Anonymous said...

UAF sweep, and Donald Dunlop is a cock sucker

RWD said...

Dumb roll… Please…

How many crack houses do they have in da banks? These people are crawling out of the feces cover wood work…

Jimjamesak said...

RWD, you don't know your drugs very well, white people do meth not crack.

And yes they seem to be. I sense nervousness.

Donald Dunlop said...

Anon @ 8:11,
Why would you try to rip me by impugning 50% of the population? When and if you actually manage to convince a live woman to orally copulate you I doubt you'll go around the internet insulting people with that weak sauce ever again. They're actually so good that a U.S. President got busted for getting one in the Oval Office. I know you don't understand that yet but if you save up your allowance you'll eventually be able to afford to pay some meth addicted whore in FBX to do it to you.

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