Sunday, February 27, 2011

Seawolves 4 - UAF 1

The Seawolves tonight came out with the fire and emotion that is necessary to win a game against their biggest rival.  For the first 20 minutes of this game they were super sharp.  They executed pinpoint passing and scored three beautiful goals to leave no doubt as to which team would come out with the W.

Brett Cameron got the Seawolves on the board first 6:05 into the first period with a wicked wrist shot from a sharp angle.  It was a goal scorers goal.  I met Brett's dad last weekend (real nice guy btw) and I hope he was able to see that goal.  It was sweet.  Scott Warner added a power play goal just a minute and eleven seconds later to boost the lead to 2.  Jade Portwood got a well deserved goal at 13:42 to make it 3-0.  Jade had a great weekend.  He performs at such a consistently high level that it was great to see him get rewarded.

The Seawolves were just on fire in the first period.  They were not to be denied.  No doubt they had a bit of a bad taste in their mouth from the Friday night loss.  They probably had some extra motivation when the bumpkins that came to the Sullivan from Fairbanks disrupted the Senior Night introductions with their queer glass banging and uncreative "What's a Seawolf?" chanting.

They got their answer.  A Seawolf is what put a fucking hurting on your team's ass tonight.  While Friday's game was mostly evenly played through two + periods, the Seawolves bombed the road team and showed them exactly what a Seawolf was.  I hope they enjoyed their taco's at the $20 dollar a plate Patty Center gathering.

Tommy Grant fired a blistering snap shot at 6:12 of the 2nd period on the power play to build the Seawolves lead to 4-0.  I'll readily admit that the 3rd period belonged to UAF.  The Seawolves didn't look as intense and focused as they had during the first two periods.  But frankly they didn't have to expend the same effort.  All they had to do was keep UAF from scoring.  

Chris Kamal was sharp as a tack throughout the game and denied anything that got through the increasingly excellent UAA defense.  The 'nookies had one major chance late in the thrid to get back into the game when Cody Kunyk broke in clean from the blueline alone, Chris gave nothing away on the break forcing Kunyk to try to beat him top shelf but Chris' glove hand was too quick as he parried the shot away.

I'm not happy with the emotional letdown that the team showed in the 3rd period.  A simple answer would be that they were satisfied with the lead they had and just sat back and protected it.  And I suppose I'd use that answer if they'd still looked focused and the execution had been there.  But WAY TOO many simple passes ended up in teammates skates to write it off as just protecting the lead.  The team really seemed to me to have a letdown in intensity.  That cannot happen next weekend or in the playoffs if this team has any designs on making it to the final five.  WCHA teams will make them pay for such a drop in intensity.

It was good to see Mickey Spencer get the call for both games this weekend.  He's been a bit of the odd man out during the season.  I know he's got the talent to be a contributor and I thought he had a good game tonight after finding his wheels and place somewhat on Friday night.  Justin Kirchhevel and and Drew Darwitz also got the call tonight and both had quality moments.  I noticed Drew shaved his head and of course I dug that.  He was physically active and did engage a couple of 'nookies who thought they'd challenge him.  Same for Kirchhevel, I like what he brings in terms of attitude and I'm sure down the line he'll contribute something important.  He's got good anticipation and the sort of grittiness to make something out of nothing.  Alex Gellert also had a good game tonight.  He was very active in all areas of the ice.

The refereeing tonight was atrocious.  Tommy Grant got two completely undeserved penalties.  The first was when he blasted some 'nookie cleanly in the corner at 13:50 of the 2nd period and got called for tripping.  Tripping?  When he cleanly checked the dude?  That's what the refs make up when a check is simply harder than the WCHA will allow these days?  The 2nd was on a rush toward GreenEGGSANDham, Grant pulled up at the top of the crease and was bowled over from behind by a 'nookie driving him into Dr. SeussINtheCrease.  They called that one interference.

Brad Gorham was whistled for 3 penalties tonight.  None of them were deserved.  The two least experienced WCHA referees got the draw for this series and true to form they looked at the leading penalty minutes for the Seawolves before the games and made their calls based on those numbers.  Gorham was whistled for these penalties for no other reason than reputation.  We saw the same SHIT with regard to Kevin Clark over the last couple of years.  Klosowski and Sterns were a joke.  It's pathetic when I'm wishing for Don Adam.

Doyle Woody is a jerk.  The headline from the Friday night game which he didn't watch was "Nanooks Thump The Seawolves"; then the headline from Saturday is "Shootout Gives Governor's Cup to Nanooks".  What the fuck?  I've defended this prick for way too fucking long to my readers.  I've talked about how he's a "journalist" and used that as an excuse.  But you know what?  The bastard is just a negative prick.

The last line in his Friday night coverage (I say again for emphasis ... of a game HE DIDN'T WITNESS) was ...
"Those circumstances means UAA is almost certain to hit the road for the playoffs, as it has in each of its previous 17 seasons in the WCHA."
Why was that tidbit necessary?  Doyle thinks he's Edward R. Murrow or some shit when in reality he's not fit to eat Grantland Rice's shit.  

Hey Doyle, when are you moving to your new wife's homestate of North Dakota?  Soon I hope.  Just get the fuck out of here.  There isn't a more negative asshole writing for a professional publication in the WCHA.  EVERY single one of the "beat writers" in this league writes from a positive perspective regarding the team they cover.  Except you.  Sure, I know you're an "unbiased journalist"; but that shit just doesn't fly anymore.  You take little snide potshots at the Seawolves every chance you get.

The past two years I've had a media pass to the Seawolves and have chosen not to sit in the press area because I want to cheer for the team I love.  But I'm seriously considering sitting in that area next year just so I can TROLL you buddy.  That's right; you've engendered enough dislike through this season for me to want to sit near you and make snide fucking comments just to piss you off.  And believe me chump.  I'm not half bad at doing exactly that.  I'll piss you off so much that you'll want to physically assault me.  With any luck, that's exactly what will happen.  See you then "Hipster Wannabe".

The last thing is the status of the "Cup".  I know it's meaningful to the Athletic Department and to the team to win the thing.  But honestly, I couldn't give a shit about it.  Never have. And how weak is it that UAF has won 4 of their 10 "Cups" via the shootout?  It's that very fact that makes it irrelevant in my mind.  I suggest that Steve Cobb and Forrest Karr come up with some better way to determine the winner of the thing.  

In the Denver/CC series the team that possesses their "Gold Pan" keeps it unless the other team wrests it away by taking the series that decides it.  Maybe that would be better.  Shootouts to determine the thing are just stupid.  And also, let's quit fucking calling it the "Governor's Cup".  When the fuck did any Governor give enough of a shit about it to show up to present it?  Call it the "University Chancellor's Cup" or something.  At least then you can coerce one of those political hacks to show up eh?


Britton said...

The one player that stood out to me from your team is Jordan Kwas. You mentioned in your tribute about Tommy Grant saying your initial remark "that guy's a hockey player". Jordan stood out to me in a very similar way. He nabbed two helpers last night and should have had a goal had it not been for Greenham.

My grandmother could have put on skates and stripes and called a better game. Had I not known their names, I would have thought the crew changed over from game to game. Night and day difference. I saw at best 5 penalties total that were deserved. Not 14. Bullshit.

Anonymous said...

Good game Seawolves!

Anonymous said...

I think you are right Donald. The Nookie fans got what was coming to them - the Seawolves shut them up.

As for Doyle Woody, he is as classless as Nookie fans are. The guy should be fired. Why doesn't he just come out and say he hates anything related to UAA? Ya know he wants to.

Anonymous said...

Woody has been covering hockey for the ADN for 27 years. It's time for him to retire.

Flood the ADN's contact page with complaints. The ADN is seriously hurting right now, we get calls every few months to resubscribe, and I tell them NO. Why? Doyle Woody. Once the ADN gets a clue that he is responsible for the loss of thousands of readers (yes, supporters who don't attend have quit the ADN because of him), maybe they'll get a clue. All they care about is the bottom line anyway.

Anonymous said...

Next time someone asks you what a Seawolf is, tell them you aren't sure, but it sure does wallop the Nanooks in athletics. Both UAA B-Ball teams owned Nanookistan something fierce this week. I was at the Bank (my new nickname for the WFSC) to see it happen. UAF's only high point was their win at the Carlson on Friday.

I think the "Chancellor's" Cup is a better name for it too. Or maybe the [Kurt] Haider Cup. Or maybe just the Cup. Or even "Nice-Looking-FauxGold-Metal-Tupperware-Dish-on-a-stand".- Isaiah of SWT

Jimjamesak said...

If you really don't like Woody's articles then don't read them. Cancel your ADN subscription, don't visit the website, don't comment, and send them an email telling them why you don't read the ADN at all.

Everytime we mention or talk about him, the ADN wins. Why? Because all they care about is you reading it.

Anonymous said...

Other WCHA towns I visit have newspapers that bend over backwards to drum up support for their teams. The old college rah-rah and all that. ADN is a bit of an anomaly, and if I visit them at all it might be to see what pics of the game they’ve posted. Woody is at best aloof about the Wolves and at worst condescending and derogatory. Seems like he doesn’t remember these are college kids not pros. Get off the high horse, Woody. Guess that’s why you have such an important niche, eh, Donald? -30-

Donald Dunlop said...

I'm happy to be appreciated.

What bothers me is that for the better part of history in America local newspapers practiced some measure of community involvement. Journalistic ethic included the responsibility to support and advocate for community issues ... in particular those things related to pride and/or identity in the community.

ADN still does practice those things in other areas of their newspaper regularly. The fact that they allow Doyle to run roughshod over UAA as he chooses while at the same time pumping the Aces tires continuously is a huge failure of the Editor.

I have corresponded with Patrick Dougherty who is the Editor in the past and sometime this week I will do so again. I fully expect the status quo to remain in place regardless of what I say to Patrick but that won't keep me from doing it.

I encourage everyone reading here who is dissatisfied with the ADN's coverage this year to write to Patrick at

Anonymous said...

Woody's a tool and he doesn't care. He has the backing of the"editorial" staff at the ADN. Things won't change until his wife demands hem move back to ND with her (kinda like Hill). Until then we have Donald and his blog, let's all be thankful for that!

Anonymous said...

I disagree that "things won't change". Doyle is indirectly responsible for lack of community support for UAA. Everyone needs to email the ADN to complain. EVERYONE.

Donald, that is not the direct email addy for Patrick, here are some contacts and addresses that are not listed at the ADN website:

Patrick Dougherty - Editor:

Beth Bragg - Sports Editor (Woody is only asst)

Roger Weinfurter - Circulation Manager:

Dave Hulen - Assistant Managing Editor:

Anonymous said...

Interesting comments from Gwozdicky:

"I want to encourage all of our fans and friends to come out and support this team in our final series against St. Cloud and the 1st round of the WCHA playoffs. They are going to be important games".

Let's see, Denver has a population of 2 1/2 million and they can't fill their barn? People rag on UAA, but DU has a winning record, this is a team the city and students should support, and Gwoz has to beg the fans to come to the games? Priceless.

BBEF said...

Denver is a much different market. They are also not looking to get a half full barn. They have ok attendance (not as good as CC but ok).

I'm not trying to be a dick but UAA has attendance issues. They have a good team but no one cares. If someone wants to run the numbers (I don’t) comparing population and attendance between Anchorage and Houghton I would read it… I think there is a perception problem up in Anchorage. Someone needs to fix that.

A bottom half finish doesn’t mean that they aren’t a good team. They have a tough schedule and they routinely beat GREAT teams.

Maybe I was humbled by my visit? I don’t think so. This year, outside of UAA fans, I know I have seen more UAA hockey than anyone else that posts or may want to post here. I want to see them do well.

Ted said...

I have not seen any one mention that the crowd was great Saturday night. The box score says 4622. That was the fullest I have seen the Sully in a long long time. The best part was the crowd was treated to a great show.

Crowd of 4600 and a fast start, maybe it's a coincidence, but I don't think so.

Alaskana said...

I agree that it is time the name 'Governor's Cup' gets retired. I mean, wtf does the Governor have to do with hockey?

Here's my suggestion: Simply call it the 'Alaska Airlines Cup' and in addition to the winning team receiving a trophy, throw in an all expenses paid trip to Hawaii for the entire team/staff. Although I'm sure that'd run afoul of some sort of NCAA rule preventing financial kickbacks/incentives for teams.

Suze said...

Ted, the crowd was amazing! Loved the Seawolf Thunder and the student section. I am not a fan of the thunder sticks, but seeing all of those in action right below us was kinda cool.

They did have more fans during the military appreciation night, almost a sell out that night.

It's clear that the players fed off of the crowd!

Al said...

Suze, anything that brings some noise and energy to the Sully I'm for. If the fans enjoy whacking them together then go get it. Anything the fans like I'm for. The "garbage can" drums are awesome. Wish they had six times their number. The student section was the best I've ever seen at a game. Hope to see a repeat at every game. Just sayin...

Suze said...

The University had posters all over campus, so I need the extra effort to get the word out to the students paid off.

Are you following the Seawolf Thunder on facebook? They are hoping to get marching drums for next season ... their drums really take a beating. I'd be willing to donate to the cause, those drums are very costly!

Suze said...

I "think", not I "need".

Anonymous said...

So did we raise enough money for Donald to get to attend the first round of the play-offs??? I really do think he deserves a free plane ticket to see his Seawolves play!

Bryan said...

"I suggest that Steve Cobb and Forrest Karr come up with some better way to determine the winner of the thing."

Like what? Goals scored? 6-5. Alaska would still had taken the Cup back up the road. What if that is tied? Shots on Goal? 55-40. Again, Alaska. In the event of a tied series, with a trophy on the line, you need a tie breaker, and any way you look at it, it would have been Alaska that would have emerged victorious.

As a student of The University of Alaska at Fairbanks, and as a "bumpkin" I'd have to say i enjoyed the entire series, win or lose, it's always fun to play your rival.

Also, please refer to the teams by they're proper names, or risk looking like a fool. Its Alaska Nanooks, and Alaska-Anchorage Seawolves. Fairbanks is the flagship institution of the UA system and should be recognized as so.

We look forward to the visit of your "bumpkins" next year. That is, If you've got the guts to come take the cup back.

Jimjamesak said...

And like I said, 20 minute OT. Done and decided.

Jimjamesak said...

Bryan, you'd have a better chance of getting a camel through the eye of a needle than getting a UAA fan to say "Alaska (name of your mascot)".

And I will never recognize UAF as a "flagship", UAF is nothing but an overbloated, overfunded waste of space.

Anonymous said...

JJ said it perfectly, UAF is a trumped up waste of Tax-Payers $$$$. If that went away that town would shrivel up and be more of a hole than it already is.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we'll refer to UA_ as "Alaska" when the UA_ fans stop chanting "U-A-F, U-A-F". ;)

Donald Dunlop said...

The current ChipIn total of 942 bucks would certainly have been enough to pay for such a trip had I not already used it to fund some luxury items over the course of the season. So not going is really nobody's fault other than my own.

I do appreciate your thought though. Thank you.

On Wolves said...

Hey Bryan, you damned fool, you reveal your own painfully obvious ignorance.

"Also, please refer to the teams by they're proper names, or risk looking like a fool. Its Alaska Nanooks, and Alaska-Anchorage Seawolves"

There is no "-" between Alaska and Anchorage. The name of the school "University of Alaska Anchorage"

Next time you try to correct somebody, try doing some "research." Isn't that what you inbred yahoos do up there at UAF?

Further, there is no "University of Alaska at Fairbanks." The name of that school is "University of Alaska Fairbanks" of course, if you actually attended the school you'd know that.

I suggest you get back to your wood stove and meth habit, as every second you spend at a computer is clearly a waste.

On Wolves said...

Oh, I forgot to mention that the "the" preceding University of Alaska Fairbanks is not capitalized, it isn't Ohio State jerkoff.

Coincidentally, you are pedaling just the type of vapid commentary that I would expect from a resident of that dump of a city... though you strike me as slightly more pretentious than run of the mill Interior dweller.

Donald Dunlop said...

Deleted Anon@1044,

Anonymous said...

Would like to see Bailey back. Hope to see him in the playoffs.

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