Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday Game Day: Seawolves at UND

Friday, February 11th 2011
UAA Seawolves vs. University of North Dakota
Ralph Englestad Arena::Grand Forks, North Dakota
4:37PM (Alaska Standard Time)

Audio/Video Info
TV: GCI Channel 1 - DirectTV 617 - Fox College Sports
Radio: 550 KTZN AM (Kurt Haider)
Other Media Links
ADN: Thursday Stat Blurb (Woody)
GFH: Anchorage Eyes Best Finish (Schlossman)
UAA Release (Baldwin)

I'll post lines here when I receive them.  The chatroom below will be running 15 mins prior to game time.  If you watch the UND Insider link I provided you'll note that they are not taking UAA lightly in any way.  Hakstol said much the same sort of things in the middle of a long boring press conference that I didn't link to.  They all clearly respect the Seawolves as an opponent.  Good deal then ... 


On Wolves said...

Any local establishments showing the game?

Alaskana said...

On Wolves: I know that Sea Galley and The Peanut Farm has had UAA games on in the past. Seeing that it is going to be on DirecTV channel 617 you may be able to convince them to turn one of their monitors to that game. I get that channel as part of my DirecTV package, so I would imagine most serious sports bars around town should too.

Alaskana said...

Update: I just looked at an online guide and it shows the game will be on NHLTV channel 215 at 6:00 AM Saturday on DirecTV. So, apparently it will be a delayed game. So best bet is to stick with GCI channel 1.

UAAalumni09 said...

They Donald, why are you not using the chatroom feature on the top right?

Anonymous said...

Mark Pustin, Drew Darwitz, & Mickey Spencer praticed today at the Wells Fargo Sports Complex at 2:30pm.

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