Saturday, February 26, 2011

Post Game Interviews 2-19-11 vs Alaska Fairbanks

Interviews 2-26 vs Alaska Fairbanks
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Shootouts suck, they're a horrible way to decide things. And to the UAF fans, I'm sure if UAA had won you'd be saying the same thing (I'd bet a few UAF fans are saying the same thing anyway). I'd just like to see it decided on the ice, a 20 Minute OT? Take the guys off, zam the ice, play a 20 minute OT, it gives the teams a chance to decide it on the ice instead of a glorified breakaway drill. I'd be saying the same thing if UAA had won, it's just a bad way to do it.

As for the game itself, the Seawolves came out well and worked their way to a 3-0 lead. Complete opposite of the night before. It was a proud effort that had the Sullivan crowd on their feet and the small contingent of UAF fans quiet (rather quiet all night for them anyway, even after they had won the shootout). They added a fourth in the second and after that it was pretty much a skatearound, UAF got a PP goal in the third but it was pretty much skate around until the shootout.

Unfortunately it was kind of a hollow victory as UAF won the shootout 2-0 (I thought Gov Cup shootouts were 5 skaters, for the record). Although to be honest, I don't think that last shot has crossed the line yet, would've liked to have seen a review, but whatever.

To the Seniors, Nick, Luka, Tommy, Craig, Sean, thank you for all efforts at Sullivan Arena as a Seawolf. You will always remembered as hard working, talented, upstanding men. Let's continue forward on this season and add to your guys' many accomplishments and then, may you have luck in all your future endeavors, whatever they may be.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the interviews JJ. I just watched a replay of all the goals, and that second shoot out goal was inconclusive. The ref was on the opposite side of the net and we don't see how he could have even seen it.

I didn't think it went in at the Sully and I am still not sure it did. Either way, a great win for UAA and it sure was fun to quiet those bumbkins from the frozen wasteland.

jjack said...

Shootouts are boring.

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