Thursday, October 02, 2014

2014-15 Seawolf Hockey Media Day

Click "read more" below to see the entire Seawolf Hockey Media Day press conference. Opening remarks from Athletic Director Keith Hackett followed by Matt Thomas' remarks and question and answer session.

I think it was a good event.  I didn't ask any questions because I'm just not a "question" guy.  I'll work on that as the season progresses.  Allowing the more experienced media folks to ask the questions works pretty well anyway.  For the future, feel free to suggest questions that you might like answered. That'll save me some thinking.

I liked everything Coach Thomas had to say. What wasn't to like? He's positive about the current state of the team. He thinks their better than the "polls".

I did record this press conference on my beater iPhone, transferred it to a borrowed MacBook but let the MacBook deleted the uploaded files from my phone; an option I allowed because I needed the memory space on the phone since I planned to record some light interviews with each of the players; an overly ambitious plan for me tbh and really not possible with other media there and players needing to leave for class. 

In any case, when I checked the files after the upload, I found that I'd messed up something and there was no video to be found. Not a big deal, the embedded Athletic Department video you just watched (you did watch it … right?) is far superior to anything I captured.

I'll have a Western Ontario preview here sometime Friday. Check that evening for it.


Alaska Al said...

My hearing isn't what it should be however did Keith Hackett say the Sully has a new sound system? As in it's installed ready to go?

Anonymous said...

Al, there is the new scoreboard, and I think there will be a new sound system tied to that. We will know shortly, won't we?

DD, thanks so much for posting this.

Donald Dunlop said...

It's my understanding that the sound system is also new.

arcticfox said...

Very good job!! :D

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