Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Coupla Vidyas For Ya From GoSeawolves

This first video is the JPC School's Pregame Show hosted by the inimitable Kurt Haider. Guests for this weeks show are Coach Matt Thomas and Brett Cameron. Enjoy. How can you not enjoy Matt's direct style and honesty? They cover everything … there's some highlights from the exhibition game also.

The second video is the Press Conference from 2:15 on Tuesday that I didn't attend since I couldn't have gotten to work on time had I attended. Good info here with Coach and Blake Tatchell. It's a combined press conference with Volleyball leading (hey … they're tearing it up this year eh?).

A couple of notes. If you didn't already know, I'm zamming ice over at Dempsey Anderson. Yesterday evening it was great to see Derek Docken and Matt Anholt show up to the rink and help out with a large group of youngsters working on their skating to become future Seawolves one day. At the end of the session, Matt and Derek put on a bit of a shooting clinic to lots of "wows" and applause. Good on ya guys. Always positive for our players to be out in the community doing stuff like this.

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