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Justin Bourne's 2010 Letter To The Seawolves

Back at the end of November in 2010, I asked Justin Bourne if he would write something to pump up the team prior to a series at the Sully with Wisconsin.  He was exceedingly generous and fulfilled my request and on December 1st, I published it.  

Coach Shyiak put the letter up in the locker room (maybe Coach Eaves did too?) and on Friday night of the series UAA won 2-1 with goals from Craig Parkinson in the 2nd and Tommy Grant at 19:51 of the 3rd.

The next night Bucky won 3-1 which included an empty net goal at 19:59.  They were two really tightly contested hockey games. Grant's late goal in the 1st game was heroic. Anyway, I don't think J.B. would mind me reprinting an edited version nearly 4 years later (I think I recall him telling me he took some heat from the maternal side of his family for certain expletives used).  

So here it is ...
To the current UAA Seawolves: 
[expletive deleted] Wisconsin. 
Not the entire state or anything, just their oh-so-prestigious hockey program.  (Sorry for the hostility, but they really were condescending about our little hockey program up there in Alaska during my playing days.) 
I’m guessing they still think you and your program are a joke.  And that’s a pretty easy guess to make.  
They think you’re an easy weekend on the schedule where they can lean on the talent of their highly touted recruits and walk through another four point weekend against the ‘Wolves. 
Well [expletive deleted] those entitled [expletive deleted]
We managed to take them down my rookie year in the playoffs, in the Kohl Center, when it counted.  They slept on us because we weren’t as good as them talent-wise, and they’re likely doing the same with your crew.  No offense, but they’re probably right about the talent thing - admitting that isn’t a bad thing, it brings about awareness.  You’re gonna have to outwork and outsmart them. 
And, you should probably out-hate them too, which shouldn’t be too hard since, as I mentioned, they probably don’t give a [expletive deleted] about you. 
The truth is, the talent gap between the country’s elite programs and rising ones like UAA isn’t that big.  After my class left UAA, we battled against the top players from college in the professional ranks, and I learned something – the guys who’re the best players at your level are still the best players at the next one.  But the rest of those guys were just eating off the top dogs, getting inflated stats, swollen heads and bad attitudes. 
As in, Phil Kessel and Joe Pavelski from college are still Phil Kessel/Joe Pavelski good in the NHL, but most of their cronies that were feeding off them?  They just weren’t anything special.  And MAN did they all think they were.  So take them down a [expletive deleted] peg or two. 
They’ve got their fancy rink and their program has a great history, but those kids weren’t a part of any of it.  That current roster of theirs has combined for no more national championships than yours. 
It’s healthy to respect another team’s talent-level, but in no way do you have to respect those entitled kid’s acting like they’ve accomplished [expletive deleted] all. 
College hockey is ridiculously fun – you have five days between games to commit to whatever you want, and that won’t happen at any other level than this one.  So when it’s actually a rare game day, pour it on, [expletive deleted]
Anyway, your game is on the NHL Network this weekend, and I’ll be watching. 
Score me some [expletive deleted] goals.
So there you have it.  

A couple of notes for the week ahead.  I'm working on and will hopefully have a photographer for the blog this weekend.  I have to confirm it all; but the tacit assurances I've received give me confidence it'll happen and hopefully become a full-time thing.  I'm excited about it.

I'll have previews of both Maine and Wisconsin this week. Look for each of them late Tuesday night and late Wednesday night.  I'll do my research so you don't have to.

It's really happening! The regular season is upon us!  Finally, ammirite?

Also readers, comment more.  Your observations, cheerleading and/or whatever is what this joint should be all about.  Let's make this the best place on the Internet for UAA Seawolves Hockey Fans.

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