Monday, October 20, 2014

Sunday Thoughts

Courtesy of Mike Fisher -- Fairbanks Fan
There's a lot of positives so far.  I know "a lot" is a pretty darn weak descriptor but I'm trying to save words like stupendous, incredible and the like for future posts.  I'm feeling like I'll need those sooner versus later.

Tanner Johnson shouldn't fret too much about getting tossed for a CFB just a couple of minutes into his collegiate regular season debut.  He didn't set a record in that department at UAA.  It might not be much of a trivia question but someone out there will know which rookie Seawolf got booted earlier than Tanner during his collegiate debut game.  Let's just say Tanner's in good company.

Being 3-0-1 has got to have the guys feeling pretty good.  I can imagine they feel like they let a win slip away against Penn State; but hey … they've played two Big10 schools and didn't lose to either one and showed the ability to respond after being down 3-1. Now, it's off on the longest possible road trip that they could take for 2 games in Maine.  I understand the team is leaving early and spending a little time in the Boston area for team-building.

Jarrett Brown looks to me like he's taken a permanent spot in the D-corps.  That's nothing short of surprising to me.  My surprise is wholly a factor of my own ignorant expectations and no reflection on his play; which has been so very worthy of admiration.  And boy am I admiring.  Jarrett in no way looks like a freshman defenseman.  He's usurped a spot in the lineup and he had to beat out experienced veterans to get it.  Top notch stuff.  

My brain isn't working tonight.  So that's all I have right now.  My brain will be working again on Friday.


Suze said...

I know Clarkie took a penalty extremely early in his first collegiate game. Not sure if anyone else has him beat.

Donald Dunlop said...

Very extremely early … 11 seconds into his first Division 1 game Clarkie got tossed for a CFB against Merrimack (Friday October 13th, 2006).

teledancer said...

Love reading your posts Suze and DD. I learn something every time.

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