Friday, October 10, 2014

Kendall Recap: UAF 1 - Wisconsin 0

The Badgers played it conservative nearly all night with a defense first effort.  The Nanooks took advantage of the offer and pushed the puck deep into the Wisconsin end throughout the game as reflected in the total shots for the game which were 31-14 in their favor.  

Bucky had a couple of threatening moments but only once (late in the game) came up with a grade A scoring chance and in that case goalie Davis Jones came up with a big time save to keep them from tying the game.  

All in all UAF deserved the win and probably should have been by a larger margin.  They hit one post and on two other chances seemed to have put the puck in the net.  Colton Parayko was a beast for UAF.  That kid is ready for the NHL.  In my view … when he leaves UAF at the end of this season he should get a chance in the bigs right away versus being assigned to some AHL team.

His game winning goal came on the power play; it was a monster shot rising from Peterson's left at the top of the circle which beat him over his right shoulder into the roof.  Assists were to Basara and Kaiser.

The 'Nooks had superior quickness all night as they consistently beat Badger players to the puck in all three zones.  They looked poised and made mistakes with the puck rarely. When a defenseman did turn it over Davis Jones was there to make it all ok with a solid save. 

That's about all I have time for as I wasted some talking with people.  Go Seawolves.  I may get the chance to add some pics to this post so check back.

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