Sunday, October 12, 2014

Video Highlights From Saturday

Here's Saturday's highlights including all 4 Seawolf goals, the non-called hit on Hayden Trupp and a perfect angle on the call that went against Brett Cameron.

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Anonymous said...

Pretty weak NO call on Trupper and a very weak penalty call on Cameron, Bucky had his head down and paid the price!

The latest USCHO Rankings are out and they have the Badgers at No. 18. UAF is #19 and UAA is just outside the Top 20! How is it that a team losses two nights in a row to two teams and then get ranked higher? Just can't give the polls any credence!

Donald Dunlop said...

Yes, subjective polls are indeed useless. I don't think anywhere in the past I ever mentioned a poll result whether it was positive or negative related to UAA. I'd bet that at least 50% of the voters in the two major polls couldn't name more than 20 division 1 programs off the top of their head.

I remember a point where it was clear that poll voters had UAA and UA_ confused. Pay no attention to them. Wait until after xmas and start looking at KRACH for some idea about which team is "better".

Alaska Al said...

Polls are nothing more than opinions. They won't help a team win but they can sure inflate egos and help a team lose.
KRACH & Pairwise can do a little better job of ranking however from what we've all seen before they mean nothing on a night to night basis.

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