Thursday, October 09, 2014

Shuchuk Nonplussed: Tweets Sully "Locker Room" Pic

The Sullivan Arena isn't exactly the most well outfitted college hockey arena in the US. Wisconsin Assistant Coach Gary Shuchuk doesn't seem overly impressed with the temporary "locker room" which the Badgers drew for this weekends Kendall Hockey tournament.  Can't blame him I guess.

Not trying to defend anything here but it is what it is.  Lots of teams have visited Anchorage for all the other Kendall tourney's without tweeting the temporary dressing room they drew at random. Someone's gonna get that situation; this year it's the Badgers. Sorry Bucky?

I guess Gary will have to be satisfied that these two games don't count against the 34 game scheduling limit?  Maybe he'll tweet pictures from the Tournament Banquet later tonight? I hope so! I'm not sure what the menu includes but generally I hear it's Alaska-style grub … that means tasty and fresh seafood usually. Salmon? Halibut? Scallops? Alaskan Prawns? I'll let you guys know the full menu later if I can get that info. Wish I could go. Wonder what they'll serve at the Tournament Luncheon tomorrow?

Should UAA just permanently assign that space to UA_ for future tourneys?  What do you guys think?


Anonymous said...

Letting UA_ feel more at home can only hurt us. I say no to letting them use the outhouses.

Anonymous said...

Hah! Anon.

And yes D, it was random ahahaha Bucky.

But seriously we need better facilities than this.

Anonymous said...

Just another shitty showing for uaa, you must be proud the way treat visiting teams. A class act would take that locker room as the home team. What other shit do you have planned?

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 4:54. Speak English.

Maybe you missed the UAA game tonight...

Donald Dunlop said...

LOL @ Anonymous @ 4:54 … Get over it. Every year someone gets that situation after they've had their travel paid for by UAA and had all the other amenities that come with an invitation to this tourney. I know Mike Eaves said that it was fine and a good experience for his freshman.

Did you eat fresh Alaskan seafood this weekend? Well, your team sure did. Did you get to spend time in The Greatland enjoying the scenery, fresh air and generally all-around excellent hospitality of Alaskans? Well, your team sure did.

Like I said in the post, DOZENS of other teams have been on the receiving end of the crappy temporary locker room and NONE of them have tweeted about it.

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