Saturday, October 11, 2014

Kendall Recap: UAF 5 - Maine 2

UAF pulled out a nice win against Maine tonight.  They got a little bit of puck luck and Maine didn't but the 'Nooks fully deserved the outcome.  Davis Jones was sharp in the net.  My recap tonight is just my notes.  Dallas Ferguson's 100th win as Head Coach.

Go to Britton's blog for a better recap.
1st Period:
9 seconds in Maine #13 Vesey takes a tripping penalty while forechecking behind uaf's net.  1st power play didn't generate anything dangerous but there were a couple of smart passes as the 'nooks worked the zone. Decent kill from Maine.
Liking the play from Maine's Ceretaini on the forecheck … kinda gritty and hard nosed but not a big guy also had some skill with the puck.
Maine goal on a 4 on 2 rush … puck entered on the right side was dropped to the first D man who passed to the slot to the 2nd trailer who shot it … jones saved the shot but dropped the puck in the crease and Byron poked it home … assists to Brown (1st guy in) and Riley (shooter).
uaf goal on a screened shot from the low slot after the puck went deep and was passed out from behind the line … kreiger from parayko (this is a mistaken scoreline … they didn't correct it that I heard).  Parayko should have been 2nd assist as I saw the play.  But hey … my eyes aren't perfect.
2nd uaf goal from the edge of the face-off circle near the wall … a wrister that had eyes (or a tip that I didn't see) … maine goalie screened … atkinson from hajdukovich.
shots … maine attempted 17, 9 were blocked (holy cow) 1 off target .. 7 on goal
oaf attempted 14, none blocked 4 off target … 10 on goal
2nd period:
ruth took a shot from parayko on the power play right in the ribs … doubled him over slightly and he held it going to the bench … big bruise will come from that … came out ok for his next shift
maine on the pk looked to have adjusted and trying to deny the pass back to parayko at the top of the zone …
This period hasn't been quite as wide open/up and down/run and gun as the 1st though both teams are still pushing the pace when they can.
Rutt is a class act … knocked a nanook down at the whistle unintentionally and reaches down gives the kid a hand up … mostly that doesn't happen in hockey.
shots in the 2nd … oaf attempted 14 had 4 blocked and 3 off target 7 for the period
maine attempted 17 had 2 blocked with 7 off target 8 for the period
3rd Period:
uaf goal … #12 perry made a nice rush off an errant pass at center ice … tried to go five hole but romeo saved and sparrow banged in the rebound in the crease …
pretty goal on the backdoor … 'nooks worked it into the zone nicely and #something took it deep to the right before atkinson made the sweet feed to a wide open hajdukovich on the back door who made no mistake with it ...
Devin Shore finally did something after being virtually invisible to me for 5 and 3/4 periods of hockey.  He made two good plays on the puck behind the net and on the 2nd he banked a puck in off jones … maybe between the legs … basically from the goal line … it was a smart play …
Maine pulled the goalie after the drop and got some decent pressure … 'nooks iced it with 1:29 left …. they worked it for a chance that didn't come off and oaf cleared to the line and morley made no mistake on the empty net.
I think that UAA has to win by three or win by 2 with a shootout.


Anonymous said...

It was a good weekend for Nanook Hockey, a shutout for our goalie and MVP award. We played a good tournament and won ! We stayed out of box and had no game ejections and the team played good clean hockey.Thanks for the hardware, we will put it right next to our governors cup. You can view it in our trophy case right outside out first class team locker room. Your team can use the visitor locker room with real showers and real flushing toilets.

Donald Dunlop said...

Nice. Thanks for your consideration. It's become somewhat of a tradition for UA_ to "be awarded" various trophies on the basis of special circumstances. How many Governor's Cups did you guys get via the "shootout"? Is it 4? Or only 3? I lost count.

It's a good thing both teams here in Alaska took care of their opponents this past weekend. I honestly anticipate that both teams will do so next weekend as well. See you guys in January and of course for the last conference series. Perhaps this year the standings will allow UAA to host UA_ for the playoffs. I know the rest of the WCHA would love that too.

Anonymous said...

I think Alaska would like to play their first playoff series away instead of home, so go Seawolves!. They've been beaten in their barn the past two seasons (Michigan State in last CCHA season two years ago and UAA last year).

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