Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Dallas Baldwin: The Best SID In The WCHA

Each week here I try to provide some sort of preview of the upcoming series.  With the last regular season series upon us, I think it's time once again to give credit for this to whom the credit is really due.  UAA SID Dallas Baldwin is without equivocation the engine that makes my previews go.  Her timely efforts each week are nothing short of rich with excellent information.  I'd completely be just a mouthpiece flapping in the wind without them.

I have little doubt that SID's at other schools work hard and provide quality information to the media but I'd put Dallas' contributions up against any of them for comparison anytime.  Steve Cobb should give her a raise.  The best SID in the WCHA deserves it.

If you don't visit goseawolves.com and read the weekly releases already then start doing it.  Send her an email expressing your thanks.  Send Steve Cobb an email telling him to give her a raise.  

The whole staff of UAA's Athletic Department are certainly underrated for their efforts.  I really only see what they do for the hockey program but I'm often aware of exactly how busy they all are supporting all the fine sports.  Good on every single one of them.  Again, show your appreciation to them soon eh?

Now onto the Mankato series.  It's a big friggin deal visiting the purple cows this week.  How well the team does will go a long way to determining their final standings and the matchup for the WCHA playoffs.  Though Dave Shyiak would never say this, which opponent the Seawolves draw for the playoffs matters substantially.  

There are road barns that UAA has historically had been performances.  Right now it looks to me like the Seawolves could visit one of at least 5 other barns.  If the season ended today they'd be going to Duluth.  But they could end up in Colorado Springs, Madison, Minneapolis, Omaha or Denver.  It all depends not only on the results against Mankato but from all the other series this weekend.

It's pointless to list all the ifs involved really.  Three teams are vying for 5th and 6th place which are the last two home ice spots.  Minnesota, CC and UW.  Minnesota is basically in the drivers seat for 5th with 28 points facing Bemidji this weekend, CC and UW have 26 and 25 respectively for 6th and 7th and they play each other this weekend.  St. Cloud has 2 more points than UAA and is on the road at Denver this weekend.  Bemidji and Mankato are both only two points behind the Seawolves.

A bad weekend could mean an 11th place finish.  That sure wouldn't reflect justice on the Seawolves in my eyes as they've had an unexpectedly decent season this year.  A good weekend (4 points) in conjunction with other favorable results could mean a 7th place finish.  That's a pretty big swing positionally in the standings.

So yes.  This is the most important series of the year.  I never get tired of saying that even though I'm quite sure you get tired of reading it.  The Seawolves though only have to know one thing is important.  It is important to win this Friday night.  Without a Friday win the possibilities for a better draw are diminished.  I think the coaching staff has done a good job this season of preparing the squad with that Friday night mindset.  7 out of their 10 WCHA wins have come on Friday nights.  And only twice on Friday nights has a game been something other than essentially a one goal game.

I'll be back later this week with a more detailed look at the series after I spend some more time studying Dallas Baldwin's meritorious weekly preview.


BBEF said...

She cute

Bruce Ciskie said...

I don't know that I could fairly rank the 12 SIDs in this league, but I'd have to say Dallas is one of the best.

Quick to respond to questions, courteous, and provides very good information. For a visiting broadcaster, you can't ask for much more.

Alaskana said...

Dallas, if you're reading this I just wanted say thanks for all the great work you do for the Seawolves Athletic Dept.

Way to go & yes, you do deserve a raise! :)

Jeff said...

When I was reporting on the seawolf hockey team, she always delivered stats sheets and other game information to me while i was waiting outside the locker room for interviews. She was very helpful

Anonymous said...

Kudos to Dallas and the excellent job she does for UAA sports!

Speaking of UAA sports, what the problem with Dermot Cole of the Fairbanks Daily News MINUS?

He got his wish when they chose not to (initially) include an on-campus ice arena to the facility, but he's still bitching and whining that UAA doesn't need anything bigger than the Wells Fargo Center that they already have. http://newsminer.com/bookmark/11437089-Regents-should-reject-bait-and-switch-tactic-on-UAA-sports-arena

Dermot is a twit.

Anonymous said...

Next time we do a fundraiser for your blog Donald (because I give, I REALLY do!) can you consider switching to a blog format that:

-Allows members to start posts
-Allows members to add photos
-Allows members to edit their typos

I will donate 3X as I did last time if the board here can have at least one of those upgrades!

Alaskana said...

Anonymous @ 1:47:

Not sure if you knew this but Donald did put up a forum last year that (I believe) allowed for all of the items on your wish list. Unfortunately the Forum died a quit death due to lack of use. (But you gotta give Donald credit for trying it out anyways!) :)

Alaskana said...

Dermot is mistaken if he thinks the WFSC is anything even coming close to 'barely adequate' for the Students & Faculty of UAA. I was a student one time at UAA & can (along with thousands of others) attest to the fact that the WSFC should at this point only act as a backup sports facility to what should be a much larger, separate on campus facility. This has been said many times elsewhere but I'll say it again: The WSFC is outdated, aging, bursting at the seams and no longer able to (effectively) serve the function for which it was built so long ago. New hockey rink or not, it's time for a new facility.

Donald Dunlop said...

I have an open submissions policy for the blog. Every reader submission I have ever received has been published along with whatever credit the person wanted.

I did include a "forum" where readers were able to open topics etc. It was an attempt to get continuation on specific issues which this post commenting feauture doesn't allow. It did die so I deleted it.

I am very open to reader desires for format changes and additions. If there is interest, I'll schedule a CoverItLive Chat for the immediate post season where we could discuss such things.

Keep in mind there are other pending sections that I just haven't gotten to. One suggestion was for a section where everyone could submit their photos related to "all things UAA hockey" and I'm all for that. I actually put in about 8 hours of work into such a thing but I couldn't make it work the way I wanted (I'm not great at HTML stuff).

I would love for people with specific skills to contribute here in any way shape or form they can. Such participation only improves the content. I understand though why people don't. There is some small measure of responsibility and commitment required to do such a thing.

Please keep the suggestions coming. Feel free to email me or mention them in whatever active post is at the top of the page. I can't promise that every or even any will get implemented but only that I'll do my best to be responsive.

Alaskana said...

Sorry, off topic but there is an interesting read over at the Nooks' hockey blog (on this page's blog roll) regarding MSU's coach whining about traveling to Alaska. Even though UAA/UA_ are bitter rivals, at least we can find common ground in our dislike of teams who complain about traveling to Alaska. They should be so lucky to see our beautiful state on UAF's dime. I mean, what are they missing that's so great in Michigan? Eminem's trailer and a few abandoned car factories? ;)

Anonymous said...

MSU's coach is the same guy that cried our music was too loud back in the day. Fuck him, i hope he has to bus his sorry ass up here and back. Mike

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