Sunday, October 23, 2011

Already Time To Get Over It

I can imagine that before this weekend a few of us Seawolves fans were harboring unrealistic expectations and/or even wild hopes for remaining undefeated for a nice long time.  Come on now ... admit that some transient "7-0-1" imagery went through your head.  There were lots of good signs from the first 4 games to lead to such hopes.  But psst ... there was going to be a 2 in the L column at some point this year.  Obviously though, these two losses aren't the end of the season. 

Getting your hats handed to you early in the year is better than late in the year.  And it's pretty clear to me (despite not seeing the games) that the Seawolves got their first real taste this year of getting outplayed.

This weekend it was UNO's turn to dominate all the categories.  They attempted 75 shots on Saturday night.  The Seawolves blocked TWENTY and still 40 got through to Kamal.  They won the faceoff battle on Saturday 39-28 as well.   Quite the turnabout when that was the Seawolves modality the first two weekends.  I come back to the theme that the bad taste in their mouths from this weekend should be a very useful reminder and spur some good hard practices this week.

For us hardcore Seawolves fans this coming weekend has about a hundred times more excitement so I know I'll forget about these two losses pretty quickly.  No matter what you read this week on the internet, I promise you there are Gopher players fired up about getting a chance at some payback wins up here.


arcticfox said...

This may be on here somewhere already.. but just in case it's not.. I realized a few days ago that if you have GCI Cable, all of the games that are filmed are available to watch on their free "On Demand" channel.

Go to GCI channel 777
Scroll down to to "Alaska on Demand"
Scroll over to "Alaska Sports"
Scroll over to "Hockey"

You can watch any Seawolves or Nanooks game that GCI has aired previously this season.

Pretty kewl ~ Thanks GCI! :0)

A Seawolves Fanatic said...

Good to know articfox!

And, I'd rather lose two in a row early in the season then finish the season that way.

Alaskana said...

Yes, far more important games coming up this weekend. Sure, it would have nice to have bagged a few against the card game people will sit up and notice if we can trap some gopher this weekend.

Alaskana said...

Whoops, there should be a 'but' in between 'card game' and 'people'.

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