Tuesday, October 18, 2011

No TV From Omaha; Big Surprise or No?

Why is there no TV this weekend?  Future college hockey national powerhouse Nebraska-Omaha cannot even interest an Omaha TV station to broadcast it's home games? WTF?  I thought this was an elite program that was going to help give the Butt-Hurt Hockey Conference a national spotlight and they can't even get their local broadcaster interested?  Well, no doubt in two years NBC Sports will be begging them for the rights.  Right?

Yeah, I got nothing good to say about UNO's athletic department.  Did I mention how Athletic Director Trev Alberts cut the D2 wrestling program on the same day they won a national championship?  Did I mention how just three years ago this was shambles of a hockey program that looked doomed to fail at some point?  Yes, they turned it around or rather Dean Blais turned it around with just his name and reputation.  And woohoo ... now they're going to the Butt-Hurt conference with DU and UND.  What's funny is that Dean Blais has made it pretty clear that he'll be retiring and it sounded likely to be around that time.  That's a bus just waiting for the wheels to come off if you ask me.

Used to be the only WCHA venue we didn't get to see the game from was World Arena.  Every other program provided TV coverage.  Then the WCHA expanded and even eensy-teensy tiny wittle Bemidji provides TV coverage.  With scheduling as it is though; this could very well be UAA's first and only trip to Omaha ever.  I don't envision any reason that the Seawolves would schedule a game in Omaha after next season.  No big loss for us fans though eh?  But what about the Seawolves players?  What fine attractions might they miss by never going to Omaha again?

Well I guess they might miss not getting to go to The Fun Plex which sounds like lots of fun.  It's in the name yah know?  They have a Tilt-A-Whirl and Bumper Boats.  Um what else?  A park with a fountain? Um .. no.  Boys Town?  Um ... no.  The Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge?  Um ... NO.  A park with a fountain really???  Okay .. Okay I kid Omaha; there is one cool thing to go to there ... if you're into them.  

The Henry Doorly Zoo ... no bullshit; that joint is pretty nice.  We used to go all the time just to hang out with Murphy the Lowland Gorilla.  And from their website I can see that the place is dramatically larger than it was in 1984.  So that's cool if you like zoos.  Otherwise, there really isn't much for a hockey player to miss about not going to Omaha.  So maybe the guys can fit in a quick trip to the Zoo this week.  It'll be their only chance.

I'll have an actual hockey preview tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Is this true? No GCI channel 1? I thought I read somewhere that
there would be TV coverage from Omaha this weekend. I think it
was a release from UAA about which games GCI would have.
If not, guess we'll have to enjoy Kurt's play call on the radio. It'll
be like the old days when that's all we had. Better than nothing.
Let's Go Seawolves. Bring us home some points eh?

Anonymous said...

People actually go to see their hockey team in action in Omaha... funny concept eh Donny? BTW, love the tag for this, um, blog. I would have added UNO doesn't such as much as uaa though.

Donald Dunlop said...

How many people went to see their hockey team in their opening weekend? Can you remind me?

Omaha has D1 college hockey in a town with nothing else to do but visit the zoo once a year. Anchorage is about 300K and gives decent (but less than desired) support for it's D1 team AND supports a perennial ECHL national championship contender. During a typical 10 days during hockey season in Anchorage there are 20-25 thousand fans sitting in the Sully watching hockey.

UNO doesn't "such" as much as UAA. Hmmm ... UAA 3-0-1 ... UNO 1-3-0 ... you don't have much basis for saying that. How about historically? UNO has how many NCAA victories? Oh yeah ... none. What's the overall record between UAA and UNO?

So there's all that. Take the corn cobs out of your brain Husker Jr.

Anchorage is a HOCKEY TOWN ... Omaha? Not so much.

Anonymous said...

dude, you are a dick

Mike said...

Omaha is a cattle town no? No surprise it's not on TV. No big deal I'll just tune in Kurt. Personally I didn't think UNO played like a ranked team in Fairbanks. But on the other hand I also dont think we are going to go down there and stomp a big mud hole in their ass either. 4 hard fought points on the line this weekend. Let's go fellas leave it all out there this weekend and let's see where we're at.

Alaska Hockey said...

Seawolves take the bull by the horns and dog them into the dirt.
I'll listen to Kurt on the radio as cow town is probably having a special on the farm report about soybeans and in this corn field the "farm report" rules the TV airwaves

Anonymous said...

the only way you can see the game is on http://www.b2livetv.com i think it's 8.00 per game.

Anonymous said...

Is b2 any better, they have sucked every time I have tried to watch? JSthlin

Suze said...

The only time I was irritated with B2 was during a UAA/CC road game. A large tiger head was floating around on the screen, even during play. Not sure who was responsible for that, CC or B2.

Anonymous said...

C'mon folks, we all know that if your worth your weight in cow shit and your going to college in Nebraska, your going to go to the University of Nebraska-LINCOLN. Omaha is just another stop on the stage coach run.

Seawolfpunk said...


Usually the feed from b2/america one is from the home team, and its there scoreboard feed they are showing.

Donald Dunlop said...

I hear it's 30 bucks for a 30 day pass. Just think .. you pay 30 bucks today and you can watch all of UNO's games for the next month. That's some big incentive to cough up the cash folks.

Anonymous said...

Who has time to watch it? Most of us are working and never get to see it anyway.

Al said...

A chat room today Donald???

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