Sunday, October 02, 2011

DU Students Are Kyle's Mom

Some 400+ University of Denver students attending the Pioneer hockey team's preseason exhibition game versus McGill University from Montreal, Quebec were stupid enough Saturday night to regale their opposition with "U-S-A  U-S-A  U-S-A" chants.  Um ... hint-o-rama here future DU alumni ... when an American University plays a Canadian University it isn't like the Olympics .. um cos .. THERE are Canadians on your team.  Morons.

One long time anonymous DU fan said this on the internet ...
"Disgusting display by the Students tonight chanting USA! Led by a student wearing a KE hat - that E was a Greek E for Sigma - sadly these students have no idea of the great Canadian players that have come through this school and given us our greatest moments - time for someone(DG?) to teach them some history. I was disgusted with their chants and singing American anthems."
Some people are believed to be saying that what's even more troubling are the unconfirmed reports of unrestrained nationalistic zealotry advocating violence: shrill cries of "Kill The Fucking Canadians!" were said to have allegedly been heard.  

So just like Kyle's mom; it seems the DU student body has lost whatever minimal semblance of rational thinking they ever had before enrolling in that sorrowful pocket-emptying diploma-factory.

DU's three Canadian born players Joey Laleggia, Shawn Ostrow and Sam Brittain were said to have been heard to simultaneously utter "WHAT THE FUCK?" at one point.

Some people are also now saying that DU might not be such a safe place for Canadian players.  I can't say I disagree with that.  They've recently formed the "National" conference.  It's not called the "International" conference, is it?  Perhaps this "National" conference will indeed have benefits for other schools in the future.  If the 8 ultra-elite butt-hurt schools that formed the league all swear off recruiting Canadian players it's got to be proportionally good for the rest of US college hockey.


Anonymous said...

More South Park is needed on this blog, but wow they didn't even use the Sullivan Arena in this tv spot... :

arcticfox said...

Seawolves Fanatic: maybe they finally realized how ugly our yellow seats look at the Sully and just couldn't handle filming another commercial with them? :D

Donald: WTF were the fans at DU thinking!?!? Their chants were immature, lame, and more than anything ---- EMBARRASSING!!!

Unbelievably stupid.

Anonymous said...

@Articfox haha, they responded on the facebook link saying, they shot it somewhere on the pacific northwest...

Doesn't seem like Daniel Naslund wrote it but nonetheless:

Anonymous said...

Yeah, no way that could have been shot at the sully as women that hot don't exist in Alaska...
Bad dum dum bshhhh!

Kidding, kidding! ;-)

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