Tuesday, October 11, 2011

INCH National Player of the Week: Mickey Spencer

In what is most likely just a first weekly award for his 4 goal and 2 assist weekend Inside College Hockey website has named Mickey Spencer it's National Player of the Week.  It seems fairly obvious  to expect at minimum for Mickey to also be named WCHA Offensive Player of the Week.  So congratulations to Mickey for this nice national recognition.


Anonymous said...

We just got GCI in Girdwood so after drivin back home after Fridays game Janette & I turned on the replay-it was fun again! Then after driving home after Sat's game, well we gots to watch this one again too (she's as sick as I am, hehe) wow it was awesome the 2nd time again. That Kwas, Spencer, Cameron lime had chance after chance the whole game. On the defensive end they had a long shift and Spencer looked gassed and then he saw the play develop and he went for it!!!!!

Anonymous said...

D, you get to wear the Carnac the Magnificent turban which would be a large improvement. The cape wouldn’t be that bad either. WCHA awarded Spencer. Tech got a co-defensive POW, and the rookie. The bottom fed well.


Suze said...

Congrats Mickey! Well deserved.

Al said...

Hopefully no injuries in practice this week!!Does anyone have an injury report?
Any of the five guys hurt in practice last week ready to go this week?

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