Friday, October 07, 2011

Kendall Classic: Game Day 1

Friday, October 7 2011
UAA Seawolves vs. Clarkson Golden Knights
Sullivan Arena 8:05pm (AST)

Video Stream - (UAA v. Clarkson ONLY)
Local TV: GCI Channel 1 (Tape Delayed in Anch/Mat-Su Valley)
Local Radio: 550 KTZN (Kurt Haider play-by-play)

I'll be at the rink sometime before 6pm.  I'll open the CoverItLive Chat room sometime during the UAF/SCSU game (3rd periodish).

Injury Notes:  For UAA the following players are out tonight due to  injury ... Scott Allen, Eric Schied, Chris Crowell, Andrew Pickering and Kory Roy.  All were scheduled to play but got dinged up yesterday during practice.  Rob Gunderson will start in net.  I'll add the lines for tonight later today when I receive them.

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Go Seawolves!!!


BBEF said...

Breaking news... polar bear sighting in Colorado Springs today. I was on my way home from work about 30 mins ago and some crazy lady cut me off coming out of a shopping center. As I pulled up next to her at the next light I noticed a UA_ license plate cover. When I got closer I realized she was in full UA_ gear (blue away jersey). No joke, I've never seen someone in such a hurry to watch their team loose a game to SCSU!

Anonymous said...

Game Day!!

& a haha to BBEF

BBEF said...

and a haha @ ASF as well. I have to leave for family game night now... No, I don't have a family but my gf wants me to go.

FYI - Clarkson swept CC a few years ago. I also think the knight on the jersey is cool.

I'll check in later.

Anonymous said...

Gonna miss Scott Allen tonight, dude is a beast!

Donald Dunlop said...

Talked with Shyiak today about Allen and he also said Scott has been excellent in practice.

Anonymous said...

My breakout picks from each class are:

Tough to choose from the seniors, its really tough. Portwood doesn't have the offensive numbers I thought he had. Gorham could explode exponentially numbers wise or penalties wise. 50/50 is the gamble on his last season in his hometown. But I gotta go with Curtis Leinweber, dood has skills. I kinda wish he was a Forward full time, but seeing what he's done defensibly, I shouldn't complain. He has all the tools to get 20 plus points, maybe its finally time he gets rewarded more offensively.

Mitch Bruijsten, went from 6 points as a freshman to an outstanding 17 his sophomore year. (As Doyle Woody points out) He is becoming a leader, been practicing a lot with Bailey as his center and incoming Sam Mellor on what would seem as the starting line right now till DD tells us otherwise. Tyler Currier is BEAST. He is next in line in getting under the skin of opponents, from Kevin Clark, to Brad Gorham. He occasionally will let Dave Shyiak know he is on the ice with a poke or prod. I LOVE Scott Warner, we still get two years out of the freakin' stud.

Brett Cameron is my incoming sophomore that I believe will bloom this season the most. Seeing him play last year, my dad often commented he hated #7. Brett was just a tad late or early for putting up some big numbers. After getting his feet wet, and adjusting, this season I hope he can take his game to the next level. McLeod is due to put up bigger and better numbers, such is Pustin & Sproule. Pustin has been centering what seems like the 3rd line from the most recent practices I saw. Maybe he becomes a full time center this season.

And as for the freshman, how could you not pick Sam Mellor? I thought he would be a little smaller i.e. Steve Cygan, listed 5-6 & 5-5 in his day, generously I think. (Note: There is a picture of him playing, in UAA's Consortium Library, 3rd floor to the left if you take elevators.) Doesn't look small after only being able to see his face pictures all last year. Might take a little while to get acclimated, or he could score is spurts and go cold for awhile. No doubt I'll be keepin' a eye on him wearing my favorite hockey number, 19. Keep an eye on #29; my 2nd fav. #, as an anon keeps reminding us. I wonder if that's his girlfriend posting or a teammate busting his chops, whatever the case must be, watch for him when he is not banged up and is lacing it up.

Three years in a row I correctly picked the team we were gonna face in the playoffs in the first round, till last season when I picked the eventually national champions. This year, I believe (*knock on wood*) we finally get to host a WCHA playoff round, and our next victim shall be the Wisconsin Badgers. They have to suck eventually right? Fuckin' pricks. ND pricks rub me the wrong way, but those red & white badgers irk me the most of the WCHA teams. I still remember some redneck goalie of there's taking repeatable vicious shots at our guys with his big stick and the refs not doing a thing. Fuck Wisconsin, you let us in our first WCHA Final Five, why not be lucky team #3?

Anonymous said...

I hope Lyle Woods is back

Anonymous said...

Mark Pustin with his 2nd career, Kendall Classic shootout goal!! D, or anybody that would know, is there a way I could check that stat? I know he scored against ND last season, I don't remember the shootout against UA_

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