Saturday, October 15, 2011

Seawolves 6 - Mercyhurst 2

Congrats on another pretty dominating performance resulting in a quality win.  The Seawolves again pushed the pace of the game and played some damn smart hockey throughout.  Mercyhurst showed some heart in the 2nd period and worked hard to get the score to 4-2 early in the 3rd and for a moment or two it looked like a dangerous 2 goal lead.  Then in a quick span of 1:14 the Seawolves put it out of reach.

Quinn Sproule got it started early for UAA tonight, he banged home the 1st goal with just 54 seconds gone from the clock.  Daniel Naslund scored his shorthanded goal (on the highlight reel above) at 9:59 before Jade Portwood picked up the eventual game winner 6 minutes and 5 seconds later when he put the puck off the goaltenders back from just behind the goal line (highlight reel above).  He also capped all the Seawolves scoring at 12:32 of the 3rd.  In between his two goals came Sam Mellor's 1st collegiate goal (on the highlight reel) and a well earned goal for Tyler Currier.  Some payoff from all his buzzsaw-like play is great to see.

I capped the video above from the most excellent Live Chat.  UAA SID Dallas Baldwin shot it and posted in the chat.  It's only 3 of the goals as she had some battery concerns.  Great stuff though.  I used a loss-less option on my video capture tonight and I think it looks tons and tons better.  Great job Dallas and thanks for posting them.  Let me add that they're Live Chat is going great guns.  They are doing the stuff that I would have liked to do but lack resources to pull off.  And honestly, its the stuff that makes you miss too much of the action for me.  So go there.  The moderation is quite reasonable and the info provided along with stuff like the highlights above during the game are sweet.

17 goals in 4 games is a pretty nice number.  My calculator says that's 4.25 goals per game.  The most interesting thing about this number to me is that it honestly could be a lot higher.  The Seawolves are now averaging 38 shots per game.  That's a big number too.  The offense is really rolling so far. 

A caution here though ... the Seawolves have had fast starts like this in the past.  I'm not pointing that out to take anything away from the excellent performances so far.  I'm seeing as much offensive potential in this squad as any past UAA team.  But a 4 game early season undefeated streak outside of conference play does not make a juggernaut.  The next 4 games will tell us all a lot more about what this year's Seawolves squad is capable of doing.

And some final notes ... that woman singing the anthem up there at the Carlson Center had a crazy awesome voice.  She definitely belted it out nicely.  Someone please get her a copy of the lyrics though.  The broadcast tonight was much improved from last night.  The overly used zooming from Friday was pretty much done.  Good on whoever directed for making the adjustment.


Anonymous said...

All Tourney Team-
Gundy! (G)
Aaron Jens - Ua_ (D)
Daniel Naslund! (F)
Jade Portwood! (F)
Derick Elliot - Mercyhurst (F)

Nik Yaremchuk - Ua_ (F)

We Won the tourney!!!

arcticfox said...

Two weeks, two cups! :0) ....I just watched that UAA commercial where all the sports teams are making room on the shelves for more trophies and it seems so appropriate right now!

You're right though Donald. It's easy to be stoked about the team we have this year, but like you said.. the next four games will be telling.

Hey. Since you enjoyed that woman's version of the anthem so much, I wrote to UA_ and they're sending you a copy of her performance tonight on CD so you can listen to it over & over... maybe make a ringtone out of it... pass it out as Christmas gifts.... etc....

BwaaAaaaAahhhhHHhaaaaAAa!!! You so keerazy Donald. :D

Anonymous said...

Way to go Seawolves! The folks at the Daily News were so impressed, they saved page 5 for you! Kenai HS football gets the banner headline...the Aces, of course, won a regular season meaningless game for page one headlines. Good grief! Keep up the great work boys...there are lots of us who really do care about you and cheer you win or lose! Go beat Omaha next weekend, then we'll feed on tasty Gopher at home.

Alaska Hockey said...

Great Job Seawolves

UAAalumni09 said...

Two weekends, two pieces of hardware, now its time to go earn some points!

Anonymous said...

how cute...uaa fans think they have real hardware!

Anonymous said...

How cute, anon@3:04 thinks they have a real team!

Oh, wait, I don't know what team, didn't say? Prolly too embarassed... *shrug*

*signed* UAA Fan Not in Florida

Al said...

Any live TV, video, etc. for the nebraska games this weekend?

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