Saturday, October 29, 2011

Seawolves Zero - Gophers Way More

There's not a lot I need to say here tonight/this morning.  Is there?  The Seawolves pretty much got a good ole butt-kickin.  I would hesitate to use a word like dominated but the score is reflective of such.  The boys had their chances here and there but when opportunities arose, the response was lacking.  Shooting the puck wide when the net is open ain't gonna cut it in any league.

That isn't to take anything away from the Gophers.  Kent Patterson came up with a couple of real nice saves to earn the shutout and their offense was a machine-like.  Is there really anything else to say?

To make it a game tomorrow night the Seawolves will have to do two things better than they did tonight and those things in general are called offense and defense.  They'll have to finish and they'll have to find a way to keep the Gopher snipers from finding their spots.  I know ... it's obvious.  Nevertheless, it's true.

I didn't find it to be an ugly game.  I found some bright spots; Leinweber looked good up on the wing but perhaps not quite fully comfortable.  Nice to see Eric Scheid get his first ice time along with the first chance to see Kory Roy.  Both did ok under the circumstances.  The Seawolves did block a lot of shots but I think the better game plan might be to test the opponents goalie a bit more than they did tonight.  Eh?

All the lines had their moments.  If our boys had finished their best chances it would have been a much closer game.  Fuck having to say "if" though.  Sorry to be blunt.  But it sucks to write "if" in that context.

Nights like tonight remind us why the two-game series in college hockey is special.  Saturday is another day.  That's all I have.


Anonymous said...

kory roy did not play last night. he was in the stands in a suit.

Donald Dunlop said...

My apologies both to Corbin Karl who did play and to Kory Roy who didn't.

Anonymous said...

I wouldnt say they go their but kicked , i would say they were playing like they would in highschool all over again, bad puck handling, unable to even out flankthe defense of the gophers. I would say this much, the amount of school spirit is very disappointing. The group of 5 i was with , we had the most school spirit. UAA really needs to try a different approach with trying to gain attendance. This is just my opinion. Saturday was a good game but again no puck handling and with the end of the first period UAA had i think 5 shots on goal.... somethings not right here.

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