Friday, October 14, 2011

Brice Goal Rush: Game Day - Seawolves v. Card Game

TV: GCI Channel One (Statewide in Alaska)
Live Blog:
Live Audio: KTZN 550 (Kurt Haider) pay-per audio stream available at
Live Video Stream: America One (formerly B2)

Other Stuff That's Worthy of a Link:
Jordan Kwas Feature (Doyle Woody Anchorage Daily News)
Josh Archibald Feature (Chad Purcell Omaha World-Herald)

Notes:  I'll add UAA's lines when I receive them.  I will not be hosting a chat for either game this weekend.  I do not have GCI Channel 1.  I recommend the Live Blog.  I trust that Nate or Dallas (whichever is moderating) will provide much better updates than I do anyway.  I plan to check in there from wherever I end up watching the game. EDIT: I do not see a chatroom installed on the site for this game.  Perhaps it will be up later? 

I hope that you don't have to watch this game via America One.  At least UAA's home games are webcast for free on a platform that doesn't REQUIRE you to install some proprietary plugin.  Too bad Alaska's other D-1 hockey program is more interested in selling their webcast rights for some minor pittance versus providing a usable free stream that enhances the visibility college hockey.

Lots of good stuff to be on the lookout for in this afternoon's game.  Hopefully we'll see some/all of the guys play that we haven't seen yet.  It'll be fun to see who nabs the goals of course.  It's also a real good preview of next weekend's first series for WCHA points since a trip to Omaha is next on the itinerary.

Go Seawolves!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh no. Will there be no chat up for tonight's game? UAA's website is okay, but they moderate the hell out of it and it's SLOWER than molasses.

I hope this chat will be up. :(

Suze said...

Way to go Seawolves. Let's do it again tomorrow night and bring home the hardware.

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