Friday, October 28, 2011

Game Day: Seawolves v. Gophers - Certain Retribution Edition

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It's getting to be a regular motivational quote factory over in the Minnesota hockey program.  Last season after the UAA's Friday night victory Gopher player Jake Hansen said, "We knew that we are a better team than they are and we didn't take advantage of it [Friday]." This time around the quote torch has been passed to Gopher radio man Wally Shaver.  Click this link to hear what he had to say at the end of his program "The Goal Line" for

"There's certainly retribution in store."

It doesn't reach the same level as Jake Hansen claiming superiority after a loss but it's what we've got.  I'll imagine he wrote it down first and planned to say "The Gophers will certainly be looking for retribution" or "It remains to be seen whether retribution is in store" or even "I sure as hell hope that the Gophers stomp the guts out of the Seawolves whatever the hell they are".  I'm fairly certain that had he chosen any of those I wouldn't now be highlighting them.

See you in the chat at around 6:30.  Go Seawolves!!! 


Anonymous said...

GO wolves and someone knock out Bjugstad and Budish out by the knees.

Anonymous said...

"We knew that we were a better team than they were and we didn't take advantage of it [Friday]."

There, fixed it for him.

Go WOLVES! (And thanks for hosting the chat, Donald.)

Anonymous said...

RinkPig in the house!

Anonymous said...

Just some game day humor, don't get your panties in a bunch Gopher fans. :)

"One day in an elementary school in Minneapolis-Saint Paul, MN, a teacher asks her class if the Minnesota Golden Gophers are their favorite college hockey team. The whole class says yes, except for Little Jimmy.
The teacher asks, "What's your favorite hockey team Jimmy?"

Little Jimmy says, "The UAA Seawolves"
The teacher asks, "Well, why is that?"
Little Jimmy says, "Well, my dad is a Seawolves fan, my mom is a Seawolves fan, I guess that makes me a Seawolves fan."

The teacher angered by his reply says, "If your dad was a moron and your mom was an idiot what would that make you?"

Little Jimmy says, "Well, I guess that would make me a Golden Gophers fan."

Anonymous said...

THE Rinkpig? From the USCHO forums? Roll out the red carpet, folks. We've got royalty! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks :)...I will have lots of classics tonight in the chat....Donald will probably not post my shit tho....RP

Donald Dunlop said...

Gramma's from MiniSOduh might be in/reading the chat cheering for their Seawolves grandsons. So if some troll from down there wants to act the fool ... I may very well allow it.

Anonymous said...

RinkPig is a UND fan.

Donald Dunlop said...

All trolls are UND fans at heart. Or is it all UND fans are trolls?

Anonymous said...

Your second assessment is correct......All UND fans are trolls.

A Seawolves Fanatic said...

Minisoda came ready to play, UAA didn't. Saturday night here we come.

Alaskana said...

Good assessment, a seawolves fan. Hopefully tommorrow we bite back.

Charlie at said...

I expect it to be a great deal closer and for the Seawolves to take away the proverbial time and space a lot better tonight. Somebody wins it by one...

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