Tuesday, October 04, 2011

On The Fly WCHA Teleconference Synopsis

The WCHA held it's teleconference this morning at 8 a.m.  Here's how it went ... They all said some version of ... "guys worked hard in off-season ... excited to get going ... not sure how good our team will be ... and there's no i in team .. give a hundred percent".  Ok ... so I took some liberties with my paraphrasing.  But yeah the theme was established and pretty much adhered to.
Mel Pearson is happy to be at MTU.  

Mike Eaves says his team has lots of "young people".

Scott Sandelin knows he lost a lot of scoring; he mentioned that early.  Naturally, like three questions for him were about that.

Sounded like Don Lucia was putting the dog out or something when his turn came up.  Then he came on after Bruce McLeod called him ... and said mostly the same stuff as the rest.

Bob Motzko worries mostly about his defense.  This weeks trip will be all about the team bonding and he plans to get everyone ice time.  Milan and Holka are the two freshman he likes.

Troy Jutting said some stuff.  I was distracted by my utter disinterest in any of it.

Tom Serratore says he has 4 fairly balanced lines and he'll be leaning on Dan Bakala to "win some ball games" as he did last year.  And I hereby award him 83,181 internet points for that metaphor.  Don't make too much of the points awarded.  I once gave 700,000+ points to someone for a particularly timely and appropriate fart reference.

Dean Blais looking for leadership out of his returning vets and scoring from his underclassmen.

Dave Hakstol also had to answer questions that he'd already addressed in his opening statement.

George Gwozdecky mentioned how everybody said the same stuff about being young.  Then he described how DU is young.  He doesn't think his off season elbow injury will keep him from crossing his arms.

Scott Owens had the best phone or maybe he's just the only coach that wasn't using his speakerphone.  

Dave Shyiak welcomed T.J. Jindra to the staff.  Good depth on the backend.  He'll continue to spread playing time around this weekend.  Likes the leadership group.  Building on the push they made at the end of the season.  He mentioned in his opening that the new players were pushing the vets in practice and creating competition.  So naturally after I figured out how to properly unmute my phone I asked him to talk about the freshmen.

Next season I doubt I'll get up early for this again.


arcticfox said...

Thanks for providing us with the recap! :0)

Anonymous said...

I keep hearing major raves from people in the local hockey community (who either work at UAA or are dropping in to catch practice sessions) regarding #29, Scott Allen.

It usually consist of a comment like "Shit, that tall dude wearing 29 is fk'n GOOD!!!!!!".

I hope he gets to play this weekend!

A Seawolves Fanatic said...

Practice is a completely different monster than the WCHA. Its a good sign nonetheless, but careful with the hype, or hearing about the hype.

Anonymous said...

The guy is a fuck'in monster out there. I'm talking major stud! Wait till you see him play. It's gonna be fun......

Anonymous said...

Are the games on TV this weekend?

arcticfox said...

LOL to 12:12! Why do I have the feeling that you're BBEF posing incognito with a sarcastic comment? :D

I can't wait to see (((ALL))) of em play!!

Anonymous said...

I'm not incognito, I've just seen this guy skate and I wouldn't want him chasing me into the corner.

Donald Dunlop said...

The Seawolves games will be on GCI Channel 1 ... tape-delayed in anchorage and matsu valley ... there will be a live stream and i'll post a link to it in my "game day" post.

arcticfox said...

Anon 1212/3:51 ~ Ah, okay, so you're not BBEF from Collie-rado after all. :0) I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for the BFM (big fuggin monster) this weekend!

Hurry up and get here Friday night! :0)

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