Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Calm Before The Storm

I'm not going to write tomorrow (unless someone sends me the "tip of the century") so I just want to wrap things up today. There's no big news from either school so things are on track hopefully for a serious rip-roaring Nanook ass-kicking. I once watched UAA beat some god awful team 18-0. I felt sorry for the losers that night. That won't be the case after this weekend. UAA could score a goal every 13 seconds against UAF and I wouldn't be bothered at all.

Inside College Hockey's Jess Myers reports in his weekly WCHA column that Doyle Woody has been reassigned to the Aces and will no longer travel with the Seawolves. Jess say's he'll miss Doyle. Judging by some of the comments here I'm sure a number of Seawolf fans won't be bothered by this news. But I've got two questions: Why in the hell couldn't the ADN make some sort of announcement or something? They're not exactly geniuses of public relations are they? My second question is more important; Who'll be doing the Seawolf games? I have no (and don't expect to acquire) any information about this situation. But I think it's kind of a big deal. Doyle wrote for UAA for at least the last 15 years and I think the paper's loyal readership deserves to learn about this from the source instead of from a hockey writer 3000 miles away. It's a bit confusing to me since Doyle wrote yesterday's UAA story. Maybe Jess is wrong? Maybe it's not a big deal if he is right? Maybe the ADN won't have many UAA stories; have the Aces scored another coup and added ADN to it's bandwagon along with KTUU?

The other story I read today was awesome. Dan Joling of the Associated Press (in your face ADN) wrote this story about the name changing up there. Dr. Cobb's comments are absolute perfection. Joling sees UAF's inferiority complex and points out how much more UAA is actually the "flagship" school in the state. The Fairbanks Daily News-Miner deserves props for picking up and publishing the story. My suggestion is that the ADN hire Dan Joling to cover the Seawolves. Lastly, Justin Bourne quite correctly says, "Whatever, we'll deal with it on the ice".


Anonymous said...

they might be the "flagship" academically, but as for sport head to head sports action, UAA has the upper hand,already this year UAA cross country and volleyball has dominated UAF, and yes they have their national rifle team, and we have our national debate team, lets just hope Justin Bourne and the rest of the gang show them what UAA is all about

Anonymous said...

UAA volleyball has won a total of 5 games this year. Not blowing the doors off the volleyball community.

Donald Dunlop said...

As long as they beat UAF ... That's all that matters.

Anonymous said...

"Lastly, Justin Bourne quite correctly says, "Whatever, we'll deal with it on the ice"."

Amazing isn't it, he scores the winning goal, game 1!


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