Tuesday, October 31, 2006

New Recruit: Brad McCabe

The wizard of recruit reporting Chris Heisenberg added a new listing today for UAA. Alaska Avalanche forward Brad McCabe has decided to play next year for the Seawolves. Early announcements like this (before the school officially announces it's recruits) are his specialty and this one has come in time to satisfy my curiousity somewhat. I've been scouring Jr. A leagues trying to come up with any likely candidates which is why I posted the BCHL update yesterday.

Brad is 6ft 200lbs, he turned 18 in July and currently has 10 goals and 5 assists in 16 games for the Wasilla-based Avalanche squad placing him second on the team and 19th in the league. Coincidentally, the NAHL today announced 9 players on the NHL CSB "Players to Watch" list and Brad was one of the nine from that league. As you might imagine there isn't much internet information on him; but I did find a blurb from the 2003 USA Select 16 camp that said,
"Brad McCabe’s father Mike is an admiral in the U.S. Navy. McCabe of Washington, D.C. and Team Gold learned to play hockey in Alaska and has played on teams in California, Virginia and Washington…"
Additionally, Dean Larson told The Frontiersman's Jeremiah Bartz that Brad had his best performance of the season after a 5-3 win over Sante Fe this past week:
“Not just because he scored two goals,”

“He did a lot of other things that were very important. He played great on the defensive side, great away from the puck. He took his first step to becoming a complete hockey player.”
So ... a big welcome to Brad and best of luck the rest of this season with the Avalanche. I'll post some sort of update in a couple of weeks (before the official signing period) with anything further I can find out about Brad and UAA's other current recruit Kane Lafranchise. And thanks to Chris over at the Western College Hockey blog for the heads up on the NHL "Players to Watch" listing which I would have missed.


Donald Dunlop said...

The Avalanche don't have a home game until November 16th ...

Anonymous said...

McCabe is from Gearhart, OR - he played for the Ft. Vancouver Pioneers before coming to Alaska.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if coming from the NAHL and not one of the better leagues will delay the impact that he can have. Apparently he has enough talent that the NHL peoples are noticing him but playing against a lesser competition might cause a longer adjustment period.

Anonymous said...

It didn't take Waldrop long to adjust, and I believe he came out of the NAHL.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Suze just noticed that yesterday evening. I just don't think of the NAHL as a prospect hotbed, at least one with the top prospects coming out but if he has enough talent that he is being noticed he should be good. I do believe that a couple of our prospects this year were "B" quality, unless it was just Felde, and they are looking sharp so far.

Same Anonymous as 3:20 PM

Anonymous said...

I have watched Brad McCabe for the last few seasons and I believe he is a legit Pro Prospect. He has the best work ethic on and off the ice. His down side is that he is going to UAA (Lucky bastards, UAA). However, he will put UAA on the national spot light in a couple of years.

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