Friday, October 06, 2006

The Most Pointless Post Ever

With the UAA game some 18 (or so) hours away and my ill-advised accidental nap I'm sitting here bored. I've reviewed and read all the D1 results. I've looked at all the blogs. And so I've got a couple of things on my mind. The only game on TV here in Anchorage was the Minnesota/Maine game. It started here about 4PM and of course I missed the first goal since the Black Bears weren't considerate enough to wait for me to get back into the room. I didn't want to miss anything else so I jumped in the recliner. I grabbed the nearby blanket to get comfy and the scintillating action put me right to sleep. I woke up with 50 seconds left in the game. I think I'll watch all the Gopher games that way since it was the most enjoyable experience I've ever had watching Doug Woog.

Then I started in with the looking for other results. I went to the USCHO schedules/results page and it wasn't updated. I read a couple of news articles and looked at a couple of threads then went back because I wanted to see how the other WCHA teams had done. And here it was about 45 minutes after the Minny game had finished and USCHO didn't have an update. I forced my browser to refresh in case I was just viewing a cached page but alas no update. So I jumped over to College Hockey News schedules/results section and found all the scores posted with boxscores. The reason I mention all that is just so I can point out how much better CHN's schedule/results page is when compared to USCHO. The nicest part of their page is the compare feature which is a great way to get what they call "the tale of the tape" look at two teams before they play. I assume they're about an hour faster with results and boxscores because they don't bother to reduce/summarize the boxscores into their own format. USCHO condenses the boxscore and puts it in their own format creating the delay. Lastly, CHN has an awesome discrete radio link for each team. I used it for UAF's radio broadcast. So if you want timely complete boxscores then you want CHN. But go back to USCHO the next day so you can read their "recaps".

DU was owned 5-2 by Miami who won their first game in their new arena. DU was 1 of 15 on the powerplay. CC squeaked past the Air Force Academy 2-1. Wisconsin appeared to not skip a beat with a result that was decidedly reminiscent of most of their 05-06 season beating NMU 3-0. I dunno why they're worried about scoring in buckyland. Lastly UND pasted Quinnipiac 6-1. Tech, UMD and St. Cloud all defeated their Canadian opponents handily in their exhibitions. Wylie Rogers was still wearing last years pads in the 'nookies 2-1 win over Western Ontario.

Lastly, I'm half watching the sports report on one of the local channels and they were doing some baseball coverage (but I won't rant about how stupid that pasttime is) and I hear mention of a name that I had to double check for accuracy. Milton Bradley? I typed it into Google just to be sure. And there it was. Some poor sunuvabitch got tagged with that name? What the heck is wrong with people? Your last name is Bradley and you name your kid Milton? Unreal. Someone slap that mother. Slap her hard. Slap her repeatedly and then kick her in the shins a couple of dozen times. At least "Coco" Crisp is only a nickname. My apologies to any readers named Ford Lincoln Mercury. And yeah ... I'm in the dark with all things baseball.

Next post ... nuffin but UAA.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for mentioning how much better CHN is than USCHO. I only found CHN at the end of last season, and the articles always seemed to be behind USCHO. Now looking at the schedule/results page it makes me happy!!! You can even change all the times of the games to AK and not have to sit there and do the math for each game. Oh yeah and they have a blog going now.

Donald Dunlop said...

I did mean to make mention of the "local time" setting.

CHN staff and I have something in common. They've been banned from USCHO's fan forum too!

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