Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Doyle Woody: Blogger

Anchorage hockey writing's big gun has joined the Blog world over at ADN. Doyle Woody has started the new Aces and Alaska Hockey Blog. His first few entries are full of the kind of good tidbits that you'd expect from a 23 year veteran of writing about hockey in Anchorage. The primary focus of the blog is the Aces but it looks like there'll be a fair amount of UAA commentary as well. I choose not to write about former UAA players for a number of reasons (mostly that a narrow focus on Seawolf current events means that I won't have to do as much research) so I'm happy that Doyle will be posting that sort of information i.e... where are they now stuff. He's taking comments as well which is also a good thing.

I've added a permanent link in the "Other Hockey Blogs" section and I'll try to link to anything relevant. So there's naught left except to say, "Welcome to the Jungle".
Here's a link to front page story on CHN on the UAA/UAF rivalry and this past weekends games. Also of note is that Jay Beagle's 3 goals and 1 assist was enough to earn one of the runner's up for INCH's National Player of the Week. At the time of this posting the WCHA hasn't announced it's players of the week but I'd bet dollars to donuts (and I'm not even a cop) that he'll earn the Offensive POTW award.


Anonymous said...

Good for Doyle! When Matt Nevala took the education job @ ADN (he wanted it because it was a M>F, no travel job).. I had a feeling Doyle would jump over to the Aces.

His new blog gives him a change to still stay in touch with the Seawolves; although I wonder who will ultimately replace him in that job?


Anonymous said...

i`m your permanent reader now

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