Saturday, October 07, 2006

Seawolves Downed 3-1

Justin Bourne provided an interview on Kurt Haider's pregame show and I have to say that he was extremely well-spoken. He talked about how important it was for the upperclassmen to lead. He used my favorite example of Curtis Glencross and how he was a lesson that performance will move a player to the next level. Justin deserves props for his overall bearing and great attitude about the necessary efforts to enable the team to succeed. Unfortunately, he got nailed with a CFB early in the first period and was shown the gate. With Beagle and Tarkir already not playing that left the Seawolves with only 10 forwards. It sounded to me as if there wasn't much chemistry and when UAA did manufacture chances the Western Ontario goaltender was all over it.

Kurt and his guest color man seemed to think it was a reasonably close game. That's all good and since the result is just as meaningless overall as last weekends win the important thing to take away is the lessons that can be learned. UAA has had two distinctly different opponents in their exhibitions and hopefully the coaching staff has seen a wide variety of play that gives them some indications about where the team can make changes and what things are working. That's what exhibition is all about.

I'd like to say that "so and so" played well etc... but that's not possible. It's obviously nice that Paul Crowder netted another goal and it sounds like both Olthuis and Rosett played well enough in net. I'd also imagine that Blair Tassone will be kicking himself on the bus ride back to town after not converting on a clean breakaway; but beyond that it's difficult to say much more based on just listening. I'm looking forward to seeing the team in two real games this weekend when UNO and Merrimack come to town for the Nye. I'll post a rundown on both of those squads this week.


Anonymous said...

Actually, it was Paul Crowder who got credit for UAA's goal. They said it was Lunden, then changed it.

Too bad UAA couldn't stay out of the box, something to work on.

Ontario was much more diciplined than they were last night when they played Fairbanks.

Donald, do you know why Lawson didn't play?

FishTaxi said...

How come the internet radio stream didn't work?

Anonymous said...

Lets talk about some of the realistic issues. A couple of injuries already and UAA is playing 2 walk on D at forward. No depth. This was a big strong team of men not high school age players who last weekend were out after curfew and UAA managed just one goal. Going to be tough to score in the WCHA which means tough to win. Where was the swedish kid. Why was he not dressed. Is there issues there. Next week should be interesting.

Anonymous said...

I am going to take a wild guess and say that the reason that Lawson and Backstrom didn't play was because coach didn't want them hurt. I know that Nathan was not hurt but was in the stands.

Donald Dunlop said...

Backstrom didn't play so Ryan Berry could get a look. Lawson didn't play so Rosett could get a look and Olthuis could get more minutes. I'd assume the reason he chose Backstrom to sit was because in Coach's mind Backstrom is already a sure thing.

It's an exhibition. There'll probably be similar situations over the next couple of games/series as well at least until the staff has the lineup set.

There's lotsa (9) defensemen and 4 of em are freshman. Reading too much into Backstrom not playing is a mistake.

Yes there's only 13 forwards. Which "walk-on" D are playing forward? Ummm ... None.

My "guess" is that there was some mixup at the school about which station the game was going to be on. Unfortunately they move from one station to another on different nights.

Donald Dunlop said...

And oh yeah ...

Only 13 forwards is an area of weakness. Beagle and Tarkir sat tonight and then Bourne gets tossed and suddenly you've only got 10 forwards on the bench.

Having a short bench is do-able but could prove tricky. You just don't want to do it for an extended period. A 4th line is important but not "always" necessary.

Anonymous said...

You have to have depth if you want to compete in the WCHA. Playing an exhibition game gives you opportunity to play extra players. If that was the case why was the swedish kid not dressed.

Anonymous said...

OK stop asking why the swedish kid was not dressed for the same reason Lawson was not!!! I watched my friend sit down and talk with Nathan and I think Nils was sitting next to Nathan and no one said anything about injury. Why put two sure things, your starting goalie and probably what will be one of your best D in an exhibition game where they could get hurt. It is a non issue

Anonymous said...

Resting Lawson is understandable but the swedish kid plays last weekend and then doesn't play this weekend. You would think that you would want to play freshman alot in pre season for experience. I googled the young man's name this afternoon and saw that his playing background showed on a couple of sites that he played a professional game. It is odd that it was stated in the paper about injuries and resting Lawson but nothing on Backstrom. Wait and see i guess

Anonymous said... and input Nils Backstrom and you will see what the hockey world is seeing and questioning. Donald is this wrong information. Has this kid not played this game

Donald Dunlop said...

Questions about Backstrom's eligibility arose as soon as it was announced he'd signed. His Swedish club's website indeed did list him as having played a game HOWEVER that listing was incorrect. He never dressed or played for them. My interpretation is that they listed him in anticipation of him playing their first game of the season.

"Someone" (as in another team) in the WCHA has already asked this question and its my understanding the necessary information/paperwork and/or verification has been supplied to the league.

I'm certainly neither an expert on eligibility questions nor an insider with the Seawolves. I'm a just a fan; but I have been told directly that everything is in order.

Unfortunately, nobody is likely to change their website information so I doubt this will be the last time I have to answer this question.

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