Saturday, October 14, 2006

Nye Tournament: Seawolves vs. Mavericks Preview

UAA has a chance to win it's 5th Nye Frontier Classic Tournament tonight. The last win came in 04-05 vs. Minnesota. In 03-04 UAA won the tournament by defeating UMass-Lowell. The other two victories came in the early 90's. As for opponents UNO isn't the toughest foe UAA has ever faced in the tournament. But there's no doubt it's the toughest foe they'll face this weekend. Seriously, tonight's game isn't likely to look anything like last nights game. UNO brings a good counterattacking game to the rink. They transition pretty quickly and the UAA defense will have to be ready for that. The Seawolves will have to minimize their penalties but at the same time use their size to its advantage (especially in the offensive zone to create scoring chances). Nathan Lawson should expect to be a fair bit busier tonight having faced less than 20 shots last night. UNO will need more from it's Hobey candidate tonight in order head back home with a win.

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