Thursday, October 05, 2006

A Coupla Updates

Goalie Pads Arrive!!!
In Anchorage. Yep. Word is that Wylie's pads have once again arrived at UAA. Apparently CCM or UPS is trying to send the UAF Alaska Nanooks some sort of message. But of course UAA staffers are (at the moment I'm writing this) certainly bending over backwards to make sure Wylie gets his pads. There's a thread over at USCHO with a bit of discussion and plenty of attempts at humor with varying degrees of success. Also, near the end of the UAA News thread the 'nooks equipment manager explained the first dysfunction:
As the equipment manager for the Nanooks, I am here to clarify to anyone interested about the goalie equipment. Alaska has never ordered from CCM/Reebok in the past. The factory shipped the pads to UAA because they were in the system. A mistake on their part. I learned they were shipped to UAA and so I called the equipment manager at UAA and he stated he had not see any boxes containing the pads and if He did, he will call (that is how you do it.) Upon further investigating, I spoke the people in the Athletic Admin office to find out if they had seen anything and at last a trail has been started. Indeed the pads were sent to there office, reviewed and determined that they didn't belong to UAA and refused the shipment. The problem is that UPS sent the boxes and to a relocation center in Independence, MO. The boxes have been sitting here for over 2 weeks and have just recently been found. We are expecting the pads to arrive today.
I would imagine Wylie should have his pads in time for the first Governor's Cup games.

MITCH Belt Update
Last week I presented the inaugural MITCH belt to Dr. M. Dianne Murphy for her injudicious suspension of club hockey at Columbia. Today I read that Columbia has reinstated the club hockey program after reconsidering the situation (ie... talking to all parties involved and getting the real story before jumping to ridiculously injudicious punishments). Congrats to Dr. Murphy; we'll see how long she holds the belt.


dggoddard said...

Diane Murphy was the AD at Denver who removed the Boone mascot, brought in the stupid red tailed hawk...

Donald Dunlop said...

Ahhhh ...

She's "Infamous" for her "Injudicious" decisions. I'd have to say she pretty much epitomizes the very highest MITCH level. It might take a substantial bumble for someone else to take the belt anytime soon.

Anonymous said...

That's a red tailed hawk? I have often wondered what that was on the DU jerseys. I like the "jelly donut with a bite out of it" definition better.

Anonymous said...

After reading the article in the paper i am amazed how the athletic department staff has been able to stayed employed at the University. The entertainment that goes on at most places in the WCHA is upbeat and its happening. Go to a Seawolf game and funerals have been more upbeat. And the new ideas are in the planning stages. The season is about to start. Losing 332 season tickets last year is a big number. Donald, even you have to agree the energy at the Sullivan is abysmal and there are issues. It starts at the top and maybe it is time for new administration at Seawolf athletics. Not a pleasant article to read this morning. You have to give props to Aces management for having the entertaining product as soon as you walk in the rink. Not having a pre game show that is a slick presentation is the minority in college athletics. The Quotes in the paper sounded like laziness or inept thinking. The players work hard and give 100 percent. I would hope the administration would match that

Anonymous said...

The Aces fans are DEAD if they don't have their announcer yelling "Let's make some noise in this joint", or "Aces fans, where are ya?"

Colleges cannot do that.

Donald Dunlop said...

When considering the current state of all things "crowd" at UAA games there is but one overarching truth. Win and fans will show up.

This is a hockey town. Hockey fans don't need a cheerleader (Aces fans apparently do). Hockey fans don't need to be told "when" to cheer or when to stand up. Hockey fans know what on the ice is worthy of applause.

Win and the fans will show up. That's the bottom line. It's all good to "fancy up" the in-between periods entertainment. But you can get as grandiose as you want with such things and it will do NOTHING to put signifigant butts in the seats.

Your assertion that UAA is in the minority with regard to D-1 entertainment hoopla is inaccurate. But I personally don't give a shit if UAA does ANYTHING with regard to entertainment. I'm concerned with the product on the ice.

Anonymous said...

Well said Donald. Many people spend their in between period time getting a drink or in one of the two booster rooms anyway.

Anonymous said...

So why hasn't the UAA athletiic dept. held on to the roger's pads and had a student bonfire with them!!!! I would have been there for sure!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I was listening to the UAF game on the radio last night, with Bruce and Eric Drygas, and Bruce mentioned the pad drama and basically blamed UAA for Wylie not having them.

Then Eric said that some day UAA would "get their due". That maybe some day UAF would end up with UAA's sticks and mysteriously not manage to get them. It was really in poor taste, since this was NOT UAA's fault.

Donald Dunlop said...

Right on!

I hope that's what everybody in FBX thinks!

I hope it grinds in their craw for years. I hope they never forget.

In future seasons I hope they refer to it over and over as the moment when UAA inflicted so much damage on their program that they were never able to recover.

I hope it's the epitaph on their gravestone!


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