Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Western Ontario Mustangs In Soldotna

The Western Ontario Mustangs are up next for the Seawolves. They're up north playing on Friday night and on Saturday, UAA hosts them in Soldotna. The skinny on them is basically that they're composed of journeyman Canadian Major Jr. players (there's a few non-Major Jr. players but not many). They've played two games against other Canadian schools: McGill (lost 4-3) and Laurier (won 3-2). It had been misreported that they'd played Ferris St. last weekend;Ferris St. played Toronto. So what does that all mean? Should UAA beat them? I dunno. I don't even care. I just am glad there's a second exhibition game for Coach Shyiak to work with. Hopefully the game will be competitive in some way, so that he can see what he needs to see before the season starts. Exactly the scenario I would suppose Western Ontario's coach will be hoping for as well.

I'd imagine there hasn't actually been a "Mustang" anywhere in Ontario since um .... EVER. But if Colorado College can call themselves something from another CONTINENT then I guess it's ok for some Canadian's to associate themselves with the romantic traditions of the American old west. They've also got the whole "not having a conquered decapitated aboriginal for a logo" thing going for them. ...begintangent... Speaking of which; the North Dakota Attorney General is moving forward with plans to sue the NCAA. Yeah ... thats what they said 3 months ago. So file it. Quit telling everyone that you're planning on it. How much planning does it take? I thought it was a slam dunk? ...endtangent... So get your butts down to Soldotna and send me your thoughts about the game since I won't be there.

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