Thursday, October 12, 2006

Gentlemen; Start Your Engines

The preseason is done. The exhibitions seemed to have come off without any major hitches. Now the REAL season is here. In less than 24 hours the newest version of the UAA Seawolves will hit the ice and the outcome will matter. The coaches, players and of course we fans all want the best outcome. Two wins this weekend would be a nice start. I've dished out lots of propaganda throughout the preseason; I've insisted in other forums (as well as here) that our 'Wolves would be a better team. I'm convinced it will the case. But there are different measures of "better". Winning just 7 games this year would be better.

But that's far away from the better that I believe the Seawolves will be this season. The WCHA is tough league. Every year the top teams in the league just "reload" no matter the losses they've suffered. This year there has been some "reloading" but possibly not at the level of past years. And it's exactly that which I think presents UAA with an real opportunity. The faster they come out of the gate the better. Virtually every team in the league had enough changes in the offseason to ensure the likelihood that they'll all require time to "gel". The closer the Seawolves are to playing at full stride while other teams are still "gelling" the better they'll take advantage of this early season opportunity.

Sports in general wouldn't be worth paying attention to if talent were the only factor in winning and losing. Equally important factors for success are the more intangible things; all the things that go toward giving a team "belief" in itself. What our veteran players have to say is important; and in every interview I've seen with a veteran there is mention of the great attitude in the locker room. If this years squad can put together some early success then they'll become more confident. With the acknowledged good attitude already present, that added confidence would have a direct effect on the win/loss column. The teams that win are always the teams that believe they can't be beaten. I believe the Seawolves won't be beaten this weekend.


Anonymous said...

Love the opptimisum!!!!!!! I don't know about UNO though, we can beat them I am sure of that. The attitude is great, I have talked to a Senior Assistant Cap. as a friend no media, and he was as pumped as I have seen. This team wants to be here and wants to play for UAA and are happy with Dave! this team is going to surprise a lot of people. The real question is whether or not we can pick it back up after a skid. Can't go on anymore lossing streaks where the team just losses any drive. Also we must not ever give up in the Cup games. seems like the last couple years in Fairbanks there were times where our guys just got frustrated and didn't try as hard.

BUT, I believe Dave has this team believing and happy to be here and playing, and when players are playing because they want to play and have drive to win that is always a good combination no matter how the talent level is, just look at Holy Cross and Minn. or Minn. and St. Cloud in the Final Five, or Just Minn. at the end of the season.

GO WOLVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Will can beat skill. Attitude is everything.

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