Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Jay Beagle: WCHA Offensive POTW

As predicted, Jay Beagle was awarded the WCHA's Offensive Player of the Week award it was (finally) announced today. In what is hopefully a trend this is the second week in a row that a Seawolf has received one of the WCHA weekly awards honoring their performances. Jay scored 3 goals on the weekend vs. UAF and added an assist.

Jay came on strong at the end of last season with Coach Shyiak often noting that he'd been the best player on the ice for UAA. This past weekend he not only scored goals but added physical play and more excellent penalty killing. In one instance maintaining the puck alone deep in the UAF zone when UAA was shorthanded to kill off an extra 20 seconds. Jay is becoming a proto-typical WCHA power forward with his gritty determined play and great finishing. Congatulations to Jay. Now go out this weekend and own the ice down at MacInnes arena.


Anonymous said...

Was it just me or did Olthius get the shaft? The St. Cloud goalie got freshman of the week honors after allowing two goals and 28 saves, did i read that right cause Olthius had like 34 saves and one goal against. And it is not like the St. Cloud guy did it against the Gophers or some incredible offense not it was Mankato.

Donald Dunlop said...

I'd say the factor that would have tipped the scales in Weslosky's favor was that St. Cloud won the game he played in and UAA tied.

But it does reveal something silly. Last week Fisher from DU was nominated based on one game. I just don't understand giving anyone an award/nomination based on their performance in a single game.

Reality would be better served by removing goaltenders from Defensive POTW and making their own category.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Good point.

I hadn't thought about it until now.

Who calls the shots on that anyway? >:-( Someone in the league office who didn't watch even so much as a video?

In any event, I'm liking Olthius a LOT!!! Between him and Lawson, good luck to Rosett getting much ice time this year :D

I'm pretty stoked at a good number of our players this season. Now if they can carry-over their pre season play into this coming weekend's tourney, yeah!!!


Donald Dunlop said...

I'm not sure who decides but yeah ... it'd definitely just be a matter of looking at the numbers.

I'm pretty stoked too but trying to maintain some measure of reserve. I'm always optimistic but just as quickly as success comes it can go away. It's a long season ... and Tech played a couple of damn good games last weekend.

Then it doesn't get any easier with Bucky coming to town after that.

It's possible that UAA could be 4-0-2 after this weekend. And that would be more fun than 2-2-2. It's a drag there's no TV and I don't think Tech has any sort of web feed either ...

So it's just listen to Kurt and cross our fingers that we keep playing at the level we are. I noticed players saying that they didn't think UAA played as good as it could this past weekend and I think thats a good sign.

I'll have a preview sometime on Weds evening ...

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